• rape, reproductive rights, etc.

    I'm not sure if the War on Women is led entirely by Republicans, but I know a very high percentage of the people who oppose women's reproductive rights and say stupid and uninformed things about what rape is are Republicans. Most of the pro-life politicians are Republicans and of them, most are men. Rick Santorum's comments on "gift-from-God-rape" were as atrocious as Todd Akin's comments on legitimate rape. Ron Paul mentioned "honest rape" during his campaign and endorsed Roger Rivard's comments about "easy rape." Many Republican initiatives have been started in order to re-define rape or outlaw abortion except for in cases of "forcible rape" (isn't all rape forcible in one way or another?) or incest. I'm not saying that all of the people waging the War on Women are exclusively Republican or that all Republicans are involved, but they are certainly, as a whole, very big contributors to the problem.

  • To an extent, yes.

    Members of the Republican party have made some very disturbing remarks about women and issues regarding women, from the now infamous 'legitimate rape comment' to Mitt Romney's 'women in binders' remark. Republicans do not seem to take into consideration how the things they say come across to women, or perhaps they just do not care, and women are taking note. Over half the female votes went to Barack Obama this past election and the men who had made those remarks about rape were all voted out of office. I think the Republicans have, unintentionally, began a war on women that they will have trouble getting out of.

  • Republicans Absolutely Do Not Have Women in Mind When Garnering Votes

    Rep. Todd Akin's statement from Aug. 19 revolving around "legitimate rape" and pregnancy says it all about how conservatives are out of touch with women's needs. Even Mitt Romney asserted there are 47 percent of Americans who live on government handouts that don't vote for the GOP presidential candidate. Those on handouts include single mothers on WIC and food stamps who live in HUD housing. I would say yes, there is a perception that Republicans don't care about women's votes. Just look at the ticket--two white guys, one of whom was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

  • Yes there is

    I don't think people who are full of crap, such as conservatives and right wings, should have any buisness talking about womens rights. They need to stop with the disturbing comments about women, womens rights, and reproductive rights. They should just understand that women are human to and have equal rights for everyone.

  • War on women? Absolutely not

    There is no war on women in the Republican Party at all. Saying so is completely absurd and is based off a few remarks politicians have made in the past. Of course, there have been a few strange comments about women from Republicans, but there have also been strange remarks about men from the Democrats. There are bound to be strange comments from either side of the political spectrum. When a Republican or a conservative makes anti-abortion statements, they're not thinking, "Oh wow, I'm really about to oppress women. They should be treated like the animals they are!" They're thinking, "We need to protect the unborn because the baby, no matter at what stage, is life, and we need to stop the killing of this life." When a Republican or conservative makes anti-rape culture statements, they're not thinking, "I'm so glad that I'm going to keep letting women get raped. Women are really only there for sex; why the need for consent?" They're thinking, "Of course there is no rape culture and rape is not encouraged in Western society, so I need to debunk the claims that there are so this country can focus on more important issues."

  • No there isn't

    There isn't. There isn't. There isn't. There isn't. Because it's all based off reproductive rights and the wage gap but those aren't even relevant arguments. Don't argue with me I'm right. I'm a woman and I don't feel any prejudice. So if you're a man then be quiet and ask the good females how they female. Yup.

  • Of course not

    No political party ignores the majority of the population. Republicans regularly win huge segments of the female vote including married women (of all races) and non-minority women (married or unmarried). By focusing on the most extreme statements of a few cherry-picked members you can make any group look bad. Agreed that they need to think more about the concerns of the poor and/or unmarried woman, but it's pure rhetoric to generalize this as "a war" (instead of neglect) on "all women" (it's a segment; important, but a segment).

  • No and it's stupid to think there is.

    Anybody without an agenda to condemn members of the Republican party knows it was meant to mean he had an endless list of women that were qualified for the job. He was saying there are countless numbers of women out there, that are now as qualified as men are, unlike in past decades, due to more women achieving higher levels of education. (I didn't vote for Romney btw) That being said however, the other Republican remarks about legitimate rapes and what not were obviously made by very misinformed men, and quite frankly were stupid comments. But is there a war? No. And once again liberal media organizations like to twist the Republican agenda, and make it seem as if Republicans are actually waging war on women. I do believe that the Democrat party is more "women friendly" currently, and thus if the Republican party wants to hang around they do need to revamp their party and need to start supporting more women friendly programs, such as abortion, certain health care privileges, and issues relating to maternity leave and other issues that pertain solely to women.

  • No I don't think there is a "war on women"

    I don't think there is a war on either gender, male or female, from the Republicans or the Democrats really. I think the war is on everyone equally. None of them really care about us at all, much as they may act like they do. All they care about is their own agendas, their own money, their own power, and screw who has to suffer to attain that. We mean nothing to them, women, men, or children alike. So no I don't think there is a "war on women", there is a war on humanity.

  • What is the definition of war? What is a Republican?

    This is a dumb question. The word "war" is used far too loosely and in too many contexts. This is not to blame for desensitizing Americans to the horror of real wars we engage in, but it certainly doesn't help. People are careless across the board about their choice of labels in general. No, the Republican Party has not formally declared "war" on women, and Republicans, which come in many different shapes and sizes, are certainly not ALL pro-life. Additionally, there ARE female Republicans, believe it or not.

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