Is there a safe way to have a party now without violence occurring?

  • Too many people is the problem

    The spring break parties that get out of hand are the result of too many people in one area. If a party is smaller, and more contained, violence is far less likely. Parties should be kept to a relatively small size and be well patrolled by law enforcement, then the chance of violence is substantially less.

  • It's all about education

    "Is there a safe way of having a party? Well, as unusual as it may sound, it is absolutely possible to have a safe party, if you are smart enough to invite decent human beings to this party: one of our biggest problems nowadays, is that people do not know how to behave themselves in social environments.

  • Yes - A party without alcohol sees that violence won't occur

    I think that alcohol is a large contributor to violence occuring at parties, as people over-drink, and aren't in control of their actions. Their emotions are heightened, and people aren't aware of their own strength. Therefore, if there was to be a party without alcohol, there would be less likely to be violence.

  • There are safe methods.

    There are safe ways to party. If you don't want violence to occur then don't be around violent people. It is up to you and the people there to create a safe environment. One easy way to do this is to party at home, or at the home of someone you trust, and only invite people that won't cause trouble.

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