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  • More Than Likely

    I am certain there is a scientific explanation for everything we do, see, and experience in this world, even the paranormal. Science has done nothing but open up more questions for humanity to ask and I am sure we will continue to answer these new questions. Eventually we will come to a point where there is nothing left to learn. Hope so anyway.

  • Yes, I think there is a scientific explanation for everything including the paranormal.

    I believe we will eventually have a scientific explanation for anything we can think of on earth, I believe some of the topics are too far away from our current understandings but we will eventually develop enough to understand them, I don't believe there is anything that can't somehow be explained by science.

  • Yes, there are scientific reasons for everything.

    Yes, there are scientific reasons for everything, but we don't always know what those reasons are. The paranormal could quite possibly have to do with electrical signals - both in the brain and in the area around the activity. In fact, paranormal experts often are seen measuring EMF. This seems to be an acknowledgement of this, and of scientific reasons.

  • No, or else it's a science unlike the one we know.

    The universe is huge; the universe is really a multi verse. Our solar system is so enormous we can not fathom it and there are countless other solar systems around ours. As humans we will never know it all, including all the mysterious events that are beyond what our brains can process so science as we know it will never take it all in.

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