Is there a second amendment right to a concealed firearm?

  • Yes the founding fathers wanted it

    Under the second amendment of the Bill of Rights, we the people have the right to keep and bear arms. The constitution does not specify if the firearm has to be seen or concealed. Therefore, technically there is a right for any American citizen to legally own a firearm. However, there is no law saying the bill of rights can't be changed.

  • Yes, but not for everyone.

    I believe in Shall-issue concealed carry laws. May-issue is ripe for corruption and too much bureaucracy. I do believe however different states should have the flexibility to decide what the criteria is for the permits as long as it is fair and shall-issue for those who meet the criteria. I don't think politicians or celebrities should automatically get a permit while a trained individual gets denied. If there is a set benchmark I'm for it. I also think states should have the right to deny or accept out of state permits based on the criteria the other state requires for permit holders. That said I don't care if they require a class, fingerprints, passport photos, mental health test, shooting test, safety training, or what as long as it is equal for everybody who meets the criteria can get a shall issue permit and the price should not be more than an average lower middle class person could pay for something they deemed a need. Say $200, preferably less. Also I think the minimum should be a background check and a class that at least explains the rules, responsibilities and a safety test.

  • Yes I believe the second amendment give rights to have all firearms.

    The second amendment states that people will have the right to keep and bear arms. "Keeping arms" logically should be interpreted as the right to own firearms. "Bearing arms" would logically mean the right to carry them, or use them in case of self-defense. As long as the second amendment is not repealed, concealed firearms should be allowed.

  • No, there is not!

    The second Amendment states that we have the right to bear arms. The amendment does not state that we have to conceal our weapons. In Oklahoma, we have an open carry law where people can walk into public with their gun in the open. There are some exceptions, such as schools and colleges, who have the right to deny students having weapons on hand due to the potential for school violence.

  • No, concealed weapons aren't guaranteed by the second amendment

    The second amendment guarantees individuals the right to keep and bear arms in order to be part of a 'well regulated militia', in order to serve their communities in a regulated and disciplined way. It doesn't mean that people can carry any weapons they want to in any place or in any manner they choose.

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