Is there a Secret Society controlling the word?

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  • There is not a Secret Society controlling the world.

    Although there are a lot of conspiracy theories about secret societies, it is highly unlikely that any secret organization is really ruling the world. It is clear that rich people have a lot of power, but their influence isn't a secret at all. Given how much secret information from the government has been leaked recently, we would probably have learned about a secret society controlling the world.

  • Believe in nothing

    Is there truth in any of the secret society mumbo jumbo or not. Maybe yes, maybe not, but as they say where there is smoke, there is surely a fire.

    These societies are whispered about in the hallways of prestigious university campuses, in the board rooms of multimillion dollar corporate companies, on golf courses and fly fishing outings. But alas most of us don't know anything more than this. We know that joining such a society must be the ultimate, to become part of a community of mutual support, unlimited wealth, power, contacts to achieve almost anything you want. But this dream seems so far fetched, or is it? Aren't secret societies run by the ivy league to ensure promising futures for their children. Yes, definitely, but there are secret societies and then there are secret societies.

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Willbarwa says2013-06-22T05:04:53.093
Many things are possible I do not rule it out but I'm not certain of it either.
Ragnar says2013-06-23T07:22:32.887
Probably those damned humans!