• They pay for everything.

    Yes, there is a sense of entitlement in the UK, because people there expect the government to spoon feed them everything. Look at Margaret Thatcher, and how hard she had to fight the miners in order to not be paid wages that they could not afford. Their health care is all handed to them too.

  • Mainly about the NHS.

    You only have to look at any comments page for a hospital or surgery to see it. " Why isn't the doctor here when I want" why do I have to wait in a phone queue to get an appointment? "Why can't I get an appointment today? "

    I'll tell you why, Because you aren't willing to pay the taxes to fund it properly, Or anything else for that matter.

  • Yes, there is a sense of entitlement in the UK

    I definitely think that there is a sense of entitlement in the United Kingdom. I think that many people that live there think that it is their right to live in a modern society. The worst offenders are the people who migrate to the United Kingdom. Some of them don't have any sense of pride in the country.

  • Yes: There is a Sense of Entitlement in the UK

    The sense of entitlement in the UK can be found across all developed nations, spanning the generations. It is a sense of entitlement to cheaply produced goods made in sweatshops, a stable climate that cannot be effected by human behavior, and access to a seemingly infinite supply of fossil fuels. This sense of entitlement is about to dry up, when reality hits the fan.

  • In the Lowlands of Scotland and northern England, most definitely

    I can't even begin to tell you how many people I've seen on the internet from those places thinking the Klan and imperialism was a good thing. The hatred of tomboys who prefer guy friends and hatred of autistic people runs amonk there. Not suprising given that it was mostly the Lowlands and northern England who were the major imperialists (most of the prime ministers, naval officers, etc, who pushed for this were from there). People from southern England from what I can tell are very friendly.

  • Titles of Dignity Not Entitlement

    Watching the BBC we see a great many shows and performances poking fun at other nations. Watching British Parliament and the monarchy we see age-old traditions clinging to the notion of the British Empire, though now acting the one as a legislative branch and the other as a figure-head to represent the nation through the highest of honors. While it does seem that the British have a good attitude about their heritage and embrace others while still having a lark, it hardly seems fair to claim that the entirety of the UK (which also includes the down-trodden and war-torn Ireland, Scotland, and Wales) has a sense of ‘entitlement’ as much as they have a sense of dignity. A sense of entitlement would lead the UK to be more outspoken in the UN or EU or other organizations as a self-perceived leader, but past recordings of meetings have shown them to be firm, leader-like, and simply aware of their own strengths. Since the UK is compiled of a few countries each with different backgrounds and histories, the fact that they have united at all and function with conviction says that they are proud and diligent, not ‘entitled’. There may, however, be citizens in the UK with staunch senses of entitlement including those in Parliament and the Royal Family, but that does not mean the entire set of nations shares their views.

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