Is there a sexism problem in professional sports?

  • Sexism is a problem in professional Sports.

    I think sexism IS a problem in professional sports. Men get paid way more than women, and it isn't because men are better. More people watch men's sports than women. In kids sports, there is no sexism problem, but professionally, yes. In basketball ,Sue Bird got paid about $87,000, where Shaquille O’Neal got paid $20,000,000.

  • Yes there is sexism.

    If a girl whats to play football she can't because boys only can and if a boy what a to play volleyball he can.That is not for to girl and boy sports.So if you little girl or boy whats to play a sports that he or she can't play that in the governments fault

  • It is continued

    On top of that, women’s sports teams don’t get enough funding compared to the men. “The salary cap for a WNBA team doesn’t reach the $1 million mark. It sits at $878,000. The NBA’s is $58 million.” (Top WNBA Salaries: Who Gets Paid More?) This shows that WNBA teams can’t pay their players more $878,000 because they don’t have enough money to do so, yet the NBA can hand out more than half a billion dollars to people. Similar to the funding problems of the WNBA, the Women’s World Cup won't have a very big payout either. “The total payout for the women’s world cup this year will be $15 million, compared with the total for the men’s world cup last year of $576 million, nearly 40 times as much.”(World Cup Pay Gap). Again, the women don’t get enough funding. Why? Not because they’re worse. Because they’re women. There is no logical reason why the women can't have the same amount as funding as men. No reason whatsoever.
    A final reason is that women’s sports don't get enough recognition. According to Kelly Wallace, Last month, my husband and I took our daughters to a Columbia University women's basketball game. We live nearby, had already attended a men's game and were excited for our girls, one of whom plays basketball, to watch college women in action.
    When we walked into the arena, my mouth practically dropped to the floor. Only a handful of people were there, quite a contrast from the nearly packed house for the men's team.”(The Real March Madness: When Will Women’s Sports get Equal Buzz?) This shows that although the women are just as good and just as interesting, no one bothered to show up for the game. That's just sad. Women’s sports, in addition to not having anyone at games, don’t get enough media coverage. “I carried out a quick survey on Friday August 2: admittedly it was pretty unscientific, but of 56 pages of sports coverage in six daily national newspapers from the UK and U.S. there were only five -- yes, five -- stories about women's sport.That's five out of 122 stories, and that would be classed as a good day.” (Why Has Coverage of Women’s Sports Stopped Post Olympics?) The women don’t get enough supporters at games or events, and they also don’t get any media coverage to inform the world about them. Maybe that's why no one shows up… Finally, some women’s sports don't have cheerleaders, while nearly all men’s sports do. Why is this? If its because its “weird” to have females cheer for females (which it’s not), then have male cheerleaders for the female sports!

  • Sports are Sexist!

    A very controversial topic in the current world today is gender equality in sports. Certain individuals believe that there is equality, but others disagree and think that there is no equality whatsoever. Some think more strongly about this debate and even go as far as to say sports are sexist and they don’t give equality to female athletes. This is proved by the unequal pay, funding, and recognition in women’s competitive sports compared to men’s competitive sports.
    Professional sports don't pay female athletes as much money as male athletes. In the WNBA and the NBA, a woman makes far less than a man. “The average salary for a WNBA salary is $72,000, which does not include bonuses or benefits, while the average salary for a NBA player is around $5 million, or about 70 times what the female basketball player makes.”(The Real March Madness: When Will Women’s Teams Get Equal Buzz?). This fact shows that the men get paid way more than a female basketball player for the same job played just as hard. Also, the league minimum is $35,000, so if a female basketball player just joined the WNBA, she could walk out with less money than a teacher makes. The league minimum for the NBA is still well over the million mark at $1,410,598. That's not okay. That's a difference of more than a million dollars. Also, according to “Wage Gap In Pro Sports”, “President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act in 1963, yet 35 years later statistics show that America's working woman still only earns 74 cents to every dollar her male co-worker earns.”. This is even worse in basketball, because a woman in the WNBA earns only about 7 cents for every dollar her male counterpart in the NBA makes, or in other words, only 7% of what the male makes. That's just outrageous. The women are performing the same task, maybe even better, than the men, yet they get paid so much less!


  • Yes there is!

    I fight. That's my sport, but I'm told that i should quit because it's 'not ladylike, leave it to the guys'. All the people I train with are men except to other girls, and I am just as strong as they are. I've taken down some of them. But women are told "cheer leading is cute, you'll get a boyfriend and be popular!'' I can be just as 'popular' doing something I love. I, as a woman, shouldn't be told that I can't go out and grapple with a guy because I'm 'to frail' or I'm ' just a little flower' or that I'm going through 'a phase' and I'll 'grow out of it'. No! Anything that a man can do a woman can do! Women should NEVER be told that they shouldn't play this sport because it may hurt their femininity or endanger their 'chances for a boyfriend'.

  • Women have to wear revealing clothing just to get watched

    With women's sport they either have to wear revealing clothing or look pretty just for people to watch. And women's swimming and running are the only sports that are broadcasted; and in both of those sports you wear revealing clothing, you either wear a tight swim suit or for running a crop top and tight pants.

  • Sports are for all

    I'm in middle school and I showed up to football tryouts and they laughed at me and said that football is a guy's sport and they told my that I should go try for volleyball or track . The point is that if you like a sport you should have a chance to tryout for the team.

  • Yes it's a problem

    In my opinion I think there is a lot of sexism in sports because it's not fair that men get paid more than girls and you see boys playing sports on the tv and you never see the girls playing on the tv. As a girl I play football with a team and i have to play with boys because there is no team for girls any around were I live

  • Yes!

    The only time women athletes are mostly watched on television is during the Olympics. Women should be able to join the NFL, NBA, MLB if they want to, and have the skills to compete. I don't think men and women should have different leagues, if women are good enough (which most are) they should be able to compete with men.

  • Follow the money.

    Of course there is an issue with sexism in professional sports. If you look at the amount an average female professional athlete is paid compared to a male you will see a marked difference. Is this because less people seem to enjoy women's professional sports and therefore it produces less money? Possibly, but the reason for that difference is likely sexist in nature.

  • No seriously now!?

    One has to look at this a bit deeper than asking what are women paid. If women believe that sport is so sexist, why is nothing being done about it, where are the riots, the campaigns, the court cases? And why do women support male dominated sport then if they feel so strong about sexism in sport. People must stop looking for something to complain and moan about. Sport is just fine as it is. Yea sure if you want to mention racism in sport, go ahead, but sexism? Grow up

  • Breaking news, scientists discover differences in men and women

    Professional sports are not just for men, they are for the top .0001 percent of men. There is something called reality, and in this reality there are men and women that are capable of very different things. The WNBA is a perfect example, they have games that everyone is free to go to or watch, but unless you are in a very small subset society, female, former college basketball player, 99 times out of 100 you'd probably watch the same sport played by men. I don't know a single woman who has ever watched a WNBA game, I guess they all hate women.

  • Have you ever seen a WNBA game?

    The reason female athletes get paid less is very simple: men's sports are more entertaining to watch. Look at the numbers, in the WNBA throughout its entire history, there have been a total of 11 dunk scored during play. There was once 23 in a single NBA game! Even if you don't like the numbers, just look at the physicality, like in the lingerie football league, versus the NFL, in the NFL, the hits are bigger, the game is faster, and more exciting as well. I'm not saying that women's sports are horrible, but at the end of the day, it's all entertainment, and men's sports are more entertaining.

  • Hey what about the Lingerie League!!

    If you actually look at the real issue of what makes one sport versus the other sport popular or more televised, you will find that it has very little to do with any of the"arguments" that are being claimed on the left. People with physical abilities and talents are "earning" the spot on a professional team and being paid for their hard work and dedication. It just so happens that many people enjoy watching men play football over women. One can irrationally call this preference "sexist", "wrong" and "unfair" but its just the case. If you think it's "wrong" to prefer or watch one game against another, if you think every league should be egalitarian and equal in all aspects, then go buy your own league, and hire the same amount of men as women, take it even further and hire every ethnic minority and all ages and people of all ability, then see if you can win a game or stay in business. Good Luck!!

  • No, There Is Not

    I fail to see any kind of a logical reason for one to believe that this is any kind of a sexism problem or otherwise a problem of the sexes in professional sports. There are just as many female sports leagues as their are for men, and in fact several women compete in men's leagues.

  • There really isn't.

    I personally do not think there is a lot of sexism in sport leagues. I believe that most of the sports that focus on the male gender are simply more noticed and highlighted. Yes, woman are not usually congratulated the same way or noticed but it does not make it sexist what so ever.

  • Sexism is being looked at from the wrong side.

    Professional sports is a billion dollar industry. Athletes make million and millions because they hold power. When a worker holds power, they can fight there employers to earn more money. Hence why more men pro sports CBA(collective bargaining agreement) tend to lead to them earning 50% of all revenue generated by there sport.

    I am not sure what the CBA in female sports, lead to, but ever if they could fight for more than 50%, than they still wouldn't make the same as men, because the business of women sports isn't any where close to as big. If you paid a women like a man, then the leagues would go bankrupt and close in no time, and there would be no women professional sports period.

    Now here is where I think the real sexism comes in. And that is from the other side. People think women should be paid more, for creating less. Women sports don't create the same revenue as men, yet they deserve equal pay? That is sexism. Just because you are a women, doesn't mean you are entitled to more than you create.

    I think women sports should stop trying to keep everything similar to men league, and scale down to create interest. Make the field of play smaller to match the size and athleticism of the players. Make the nets, and goals smaller. Lower the rims in the WNBA. Do things will allow the game to more resemble how the men games are played, and then viewership will increase.

    As everyone knows, more viewership will lead to more money, and will solve the problem everyone thinks is in place.

  • It has nothing to do with sexism

    Okay let's start with pay. The purpose of sports from a strictly financial viewpoint is to sell products. T shirts, boots, tickets, hats etc. Male sports does this far better than women I have 3 ronaldo jerseys and not a single one of a female player because i do not know or watch them. Men make more money in sports because they bring in more money and the sponsors give them their cut.
    As to how many people watch it. Well of course more people watch men its more entertaining and more exciting do you seriously expect people to watch sports they do not enjoy simply to please female athletes.
    While we're at it if you think simply doing the same job means equal pay why are female models and pornstars paid more than their male counterparts when they all just walk on runways pose for photos or have sex. Same job

  • Sexism in the industry

    Bruh i want more men on tv btw Sexism in the industrysexism in the industrysexism in the industrysexism in the industrysexism in the industrysexism in the industrysexism in the industrysexism in the industrysexism in the industrysexism in the industrysexism in the industrysexism in the industrysexism in the industrysexism in the industrysexism in the industrysexism in the industrysexism in the industry

  • Sexism in the industry

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