Is there a societal benefit to issuing vouchers so that parents can choose a private school for their children?

  • Absolutely There Is!

    So many parents want to send their children to schools with a higher standard of excellence, stronger family and religious values, and a better community than the local public school, but they are not able to afford it. Why should these parents have to pay in taxes for other people's children to go to public school, and then turn around and pay extra to send their child to a different school?

  • Society would benefit from issuing vouchers to permit parents to choose a private school for their children, because it would cause schools to be rated by performance.

    Society would benefit from issuing vouchers to permit parents to choose a private school for their children, because schools would then be rated on performance. Poor schools would face decreased enrollment and funding. Good schools would experience increased enrollment and funding. A free market school system would recognize and promote good teachers, and force bad teachers out of the profession.

    Posted by: jackprague94
  • Vouchers are a societal benefit because they allow parents and children more choice in their education.

    Parents and children should be able to decide what schools they wish to attend, not the government. Under the current system parents are taxed for schools they may not necessarily support or wish to send their children to. They can send their children to an alternative school but then pay extra money which is often too expensive for many. Vouchers fix this this unjust system and thus are a benefit to society.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93
  • People who are displeased with our public school system should not have to pay for public schools, when their child is attending private school.

    Some people are displeased with the way that our public school system is run, so they instead pay for their children to go to private school instead. By giving these parents their tax dollars back, this shows the government just how fed up people are with the school system and would encourage reforms. As the old saying goes, people vote with their wallet. And, I think this is a perfect example where this should be happening.

    Posted by: LongBo86
  • I believe there is a benefit to issuing vouchers so that parents can choose a private school, because when parents are able to have more input in their children's education, they are more likely to be excited and involved.

    When parents are given more of a say in the education of their children, they are more likely to be involved in a positive way. Parents can choose a school that reflects their personal values or interests, and can help foster a passion for education in their children much earlier than in a situation where the child goes to the local public school and has no say in the type of education that is received, until Middle School or High School, when elective courses and advanced courses become available.

    Posted by: FrightenedDelmar35
  • Vouchers are an effective way for students to go to schools that better suit their interests.

    All students are interested in different areas. It is important to nourish a student's particular talents to help him/her grow. Some private schools are better suited for educating in particular areas as opposed to public schools. The voucher system allows parents to decide what school is most appropriate for their children.

    Posted by: K Chambers
  • Yes, I feel that parents should have a choice of where to send their children for the best educational benefit possible, because they should not have to be restricted to the schools in their district that may not perform as well as others.

    There are elementary, middle, and high schools that are rated very high in different areas where I live, and are prime choices for children to go to get the best education possible. Some school perform below normal, with teachers that don't care if the students pass or not. I had to move, so my niece would have better schooling.

    Posted by: SusanS
  • When public schools are failing, it may take 5-10 years to "fix" them, costing children half their education.

    For those who are already in the later half of their educational path, they will graduate illiterate before schools are fixed. And while educational funding has doubled since 1985, test scores remain flat and drop out rates have risen. Thus the solution of spending more money to fix education has failed. Taking children out of public school and sending them to private school saves that child. To demand that all children who are not rich enough to afford private school must waste away in failing public schools is cruel. It is also immoral when taking those children out of public school gives teachers more time and attention for the remaining students.

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • In failed school systems there is a great benefit to parents having vouchers to send their children to a better school.

    There are so many schools that fail to teach kids in many school districts that if parents have a choice and are financially able to send their kids to private school it sends a great message to the government run school system that it should step up the value of the education they provide. If more people were able to make a stand against sub par education, maybe the school systems would have to be accountable for what they teach to our children.

    Posted by: ShoPPingGaIIa
  • Of course, it is beneficial to the student to be able to choose any school, including the highest rated ones, to attend; this is a no brainer.

    It is a fact that some schools are better than others and produce better performance rates from their students. If a motivated child is stuck in a poor performing school district, why not give him the opportunity to attend the best schools? It is the student who should be the priority here, and not poor performing schools who stand to lose funding as students flee to the better schools.

    Posted by: NettN355
  • Private schools offer a false sense of security, and some of this extra effort should be put into public schools.

    It's a common thing for people to say that public schools build character. This is exactly the truth, as public schools give an early look on how life can be. Private schools are nothing more than a shelter, a place to hide from the world. And, I think encouraging more people to go that route just decreases the productivity of children in society. Besides, maybe the government should look into improving public schools, instead of wasting money on the overpriced private schools.

    Posted by: DullBenito
  • Issuing vouchers for private schools takes away resources from public schools.

    From personal experience, living in a state that supports private school vouchers, I've seen that private schools receive funding that directly comes from public school funding. This leads to lower teacher pay in public schools, the inability of public schools to attract top-notch teachers, and a general decline in public school facilities.

    Posted by: TrainLock
  • As a strong believer in public education, I do not believe that society is served using vouchers for children to attend private schools when they are paid for by the taxpayers.

    I believe that taxpayer money should be used to support the public education system. With all of the economic problems facing public education today, no money raised from taxpayers needs to go for vouchers to send children to private schools. With strong public education, every child should be entitled to a good education. I think these vouchers will be used by people who probably do not need them and there is too much room for abuse in a system such as a voucher system.

    Posted by: R0d0Ferdy
  • Implementing a school voucher system will undermine the funding basis for public schools and create de facto school segregation based on race and social class, undermining the advances made in education equality achieved by Brown versus the Board of Educa

    By using vouchers private schools will become more accessible for the middle class. Families with disposal income may opt to move their children to private school and supplement the difference between the value of their voucher and tuition cost with their own funds. As funding migrates toward private schools the quality of public schools will continue to fall, resulting in further declines in public school roles. With only the poorest attending public school many blacks and other minorities would be deprived of a quality education.

    Posted by: SmartOber
  • It does not benefit society to give handouts to parents so that they put their kids in private school because private schools are luxuries.

    Private schools are something that parents can choose to send their kids to and should not be something the government should help pay for. The governments money should go to public schools where it is needed. Private schools benefit some types of kids, but not all, while public schools work for everyone and need money. The government should also quit taking money from schools and take it from places that don't need it.

    Posted by: T Richmond
  • Vouchers take money away from an already financially strapped public education system.

    Vouchers take money away from an already financially strapped public education system. With the addition of charter and magnet schools to the education milieu there is now plenty of choice in the public education system. This ensures that low-income students have access to a wide variety of education choices. Vouchers would primarily benefit high and middle class families that would choose private education anyway, not the low-income families who most need better education choices.

    Posted by: NatBIab

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