• Yes there is

    Yes, there is a way to fix all of the debt that we are in today. It is going to be a thing that will take a good long time, but it can be done if we get some good programs in place to help out a lot of people.

  • Yes, there is a solution for debt.

    There is definitely a solution for consumer debt in America. It's just that we may not like the solution. The main thing people can do to stay out of debt is to buy things with the idea of keeping them long term and attempting to fix them if they break. For example, many people are always wanting the latest technological gadgets and subscription services. You can live in this country without having high speed Internet and the latest smart phone. Having less of a need to keep up with the times can lead to less expenses and, consequently, less debt.

  • There is a solution for consumer debt in America.

    If anyone feels there is no solution to consumer debt in America then they feel we should abolish debt all together. While the best actions and principals may not be in place just yet, there are viable solutions to this issue. People need to be educated about debt and how to overcome this obstacle.

  • No, it's up to individuals

    Consumer debt is a problem because many individuals are trying to keep up with one another. There is no legal or constitutional way to stop this. Each person must simply make the decision for themselves to stop using credit cards and become financially responsible. However, it's their right to be in debt if that's what they want.

  • No, there is no solution without drastic changes in America.

    No, many Americans are struggling financially. Many were once middle class earners who, out of necessity, are using credit cards to make ends meet. Families are in trouble. Jobs were lost, medical out of pocket is out of control, the price of gas and home heating fuels has skyrocketed and grocery prices have risen. No, there is no solution for these people and their debt as long as no one acknowledges their plight.

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