• First PCs in Early 1980s

    The "Sputnik moment" for computer science came in the early 1980s when personal computers began to take off with consumers. At that moment, computer scientists realized their work was going mainstream and an entirely new industry expanded. Without people buying computers back then, names like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs wouldn't be so famous today.

  • First PCs in Late 1970s

    Perhaps the first Sputnik moment for computer science was the sale of the first personal computers in the late 1970s. Once people realized the value of having a computer at home or in the office, computer technology got smaller and faster. Now, tiny smartphones have even more computing power than those desktop PCs from 40 years ago.

  • No, I don't think that there is a sputnki moment for computer science

    I believe that compter science has evolved so drastically in the past millenium that in order for there to be a Sputnki moment there would have to be a major paradigm shift in the way things are done in technology for this to happen. Computer science currently governs so many functions of automation its crazy

  • Small Leaps And Bounds

    I do not believe there is a "Sputnik" moment for computer science. Computer science has slowly, but steadily evolved over many years and I think the changes come at such small intervals that seems to improve in a blink of an eye. I don't really think there's been any one moment that sticks out far about the others.

  • No, there have been so many developments.

    No, there is not a Sputnik moment for computer science, because there have been so many developments in computer science. Only one hundred years ago, a phone was on the wall of a home and it had two pieces. Each person today has a phone, but it is a computer in and of itself. This is just one example of how far we have come with computer technology. There is not one moment that can be labeled the Sputnik moment. The field has developed in an amazing fashion.

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