• Yes there is a staggering wealth divide in America.

    This divide is more pronounced then ever since it's become a national political talking point, a cultural issue (haves vs. have-nots), avarice is more commonplace than ever (hats off to the main stream media - gotta sell those newspapers and TV ads) and changing economy (albeit slowly) that we've lost 2+ generations of potential workers (the younger to no jobs, older workers lost primarily because of they do not have the skills or talents required in this day and age). The single greatest culprit to this growing divide is big, larger government with an insatiable appetite for revenue, taxes and fees. The 1% are better able to "handle" big government demands. While the smaller half of the remaining 99% simply forwards their hard earned cash to government who doles it out via entitlement programs. Okay, off my soap box. My rhetorical question is - when did America not have a 1%? I was raised to work hard, save my money and one day if I worked hard enough, I could be part of the 1 %. What happened to the American dream?

  • Yes, There is a Staggering Wealth Divide in America

    Yes, there is a staggering wealth divide in America which seems to grow at an exponential rate every year. It seems that wealth is past down from generation to generation. This tends to protect the wealth created in a previous generation. The despicable reality is that the generations in which hardly any wealth was produce, are prevented it seems from passing along a small amount of savings to future generations. When heavy burdens of tax are placed upon this group of the populace then, the divide will continue to group at a staggering uneven rate. This large group, should have a less burden so that the option to grow their wealth will manifest. As long as this group has to "rob Peter to pay Paul", that wealth will continue to be unattainable.

  • Yes

    Yes there is a big wealth divide in America, but in my opinion it is mostly because people forgot the true meaning of things, people want to live lives that don't belong to them they purchase everything on credit, they want a car, a house and all this things that being realistic, there is no way of getting them the easy way, and when their low paying job is not enough to pay for all their expenses they blame it on the economy or something else when the fault is their own. Adding this to the unemployment.

  • Yes. The top few control too much.

    The top one percent of the country holds a disproportionate amount of wealth. Even the top five percent possess far more than the people just below them on the ladder. The disparity is only going to grow because wealth only begets itself. As the lower and middle classes struggle, the divide will expand.

  • Most Definitely!!

    Yes, there is a staggering wealth divide in America. There is no longer a true middle class in America. The middle class has fallen off the radar and no one is even aware of it. The middle class used to be able to make a living, own a modest home, save for their children’s college education and save for retirement. Now that middle class has completely disappeared. The good paying jobs have left the country, prices have risen, health care and insurance premiums have quadrupled and most of the once middle class have lost their jobs and simply given up – they have been beaten. America is now over run with two classes – the poor and the wealthy. Stores, advertisements and even the media cater to and speak to the wealthy. The country is entirely run by investors, speculators, corporate raiders, celebrities and politicians.

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