• Yes, Income affects health in many ways.

    I believe the level of income we earn affects our level of health in many ways. Having a higher level of income means the ability to purchase more wholesome foods (such as organic food). It also means more options such as having a gym membership or exercise equipment. Low income means a restriction on the quality of food purchased (non-organic goods due to price), and generally also introduces additional stress - which in turn affects health negatively. There is indeed a strong correlation between health and income.

  • Yes there is a correlation between health and income.

    Income can play a major part in people's access to quality education and health care. It is likely that the more income you have, the more accessibility to good doctors and hospitals you have.Also, the higher your income the more likely you are to have health benefits which can provide health, vision, and dental coverage. Health insurance allows people to take more preventive actions. Whereas, low income individuals often have to wait for something drastic to happen before they receive health care services.

  • Yes, I do believe there is a strong correlation between the two

    The problem here is based solely on the health care system. Those with lower income may not be able to afford the best health care. They might not even have health care at all. The low income may be because they work part-time and don't qualify for health care. So what do they do when they know something is wrong? Wait until it becomes a serious problem because they can't afford doctor visits or medicine. They just have to pray it goes away.

  • Yes, there is.

    People who are higher up in companies and make more money, feel stressed all the time. It's a pecking order and comfortability thing. In a troop of monkeys, the weakest always feels the most stressed and depressed. The same applies to money and the ridiculous corporate world. It's really crazy

  • They can pay

    If you have a higher income it means more likely you can afford to go to the doctor and have good health insurance. If you have a lower income you are more likely to ignore medical issuses and hope they will just resolve on its own which may lead to a more serious health condition.

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