• People love their celebrities

    People love to look at a pictures of their favorite celebrities. I think that it is rather self righteous for any celebrity to publish a book of their own selfies. If an independent publisher chooses to publish a book of compiled selfies for a specific celebrity, who is to criticize a business for attempting to make money.

  • Celebrity selfie books

    Yes I do think that their is a strong market for celebrity selfie books. Celebrities are really popular famous and have devoted fans. Fans who want to support them and know even more about them so they will want to read their books. Even non fans may want to purchase them just because they are popular.

  • Celebrity selfie books

    I do not think there is a strong market for celebrity selfie books. I do not think people are really interested in purchasing a book with celebrity selfies. Well as for me, I know I'm not interested. There should be more inspiration books or more children books in my opinion

  • No, I don't think there is.

    I think the selfie is a passing fad and I don't think there are many people out there besides teenagers that would be interested in learning how to take a better selfie from a celebrity. I think this is a ridiculous concept and I hope this self indulgent trend ends soon.

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