Is there a such thing as true virtue or a logical code that would benefit everyone more than societies beliefs?

  • By placing importance on whats deserved known and considered i think we can satisfy all of our needs in a non opposing ways

    Right and wrong can only be what is deserved and undeserved because it is the only thing we know of that makes something right and wrong. Necessity is a factor but its based on whats deserved less or more depending on whether its possitive or negative to someone positive or negative. Everyone in every place is satisfying the same needs in different ways but all of them are punishing and rewarding for "positives" and "negatives" as only if what is deserved is what justifies their actions so i think if we could get rid of allot of beliefs which eventually we can and are alreeady doing so. Im pressed for time so please hit me up with any responses or if im lacking anything in my justification here because im pressed for time

  • One cannot derive ought from is!

    In order for there to be a 'true virtue', There would have to be something about the way the world *is* that determined how one *ought* to act -- this is a complete non-sequitur due to the fact-value distinction. For a justification of why this is, May I refer you to David Hume's Treatise on Human Nature: https://en. Wikisource. Org/wiki/Treatise_of_Human_Nature/Book_3:_Of_morals/Part_1/Section_1

    Posted by: cdo
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