• There is a supreme being

    If you look at the universe and it's wonders you can see a very complex science. Even the flowers and sunset show their beauty and perfectness. The human body is a complex structure. Why are humans the only living things that can think for themselves and make decisions? If I put a broken watch in a bag and shook it up for some time, do you think it would be fixed? The world in it's perfectness didn't just appear out of nowhere in an explosion that took a few billion years.

  • There wouldn't be life without a supreme being.

    If there is no supreme being, what is the purpose life and existence of life?
    We can't come from just mere accident, there has to be purpose. People don't believe there is a god because if God is so good then why is there bad and why can't we fix it. Well, humans caused the bad because of what we did. Also, you understand God less if you don't trust in him. I have had doubts about his existence as well as non-believers, and life didn't go so well and I wasn't thankful for anything. But when I spent time with him in his word, I improved not only on how I felt but what I did. There must be a supreme being, and this supreme being is God. I may not be able to prove to others that he exists, you have to experience him.

  • There Has to be a God

    Honestly, it's just common sense that there has to be. I've always grown up in the church and in a christian home but was always skeptic about. I thought science had the evidence that there was no God. But when I actually looked stuff up and really looked at the evidence and started thinking I realized that there has to be a God. It's just common sense. Which view is more reasonable: "No one created something out of nothing." or "Someone created something out of nothing."

  • There has to be a superior force.

    Whether we are talking about a "dieu horloger" that created the universe but left it to run on its own, or a being that is still active, that question i leave in the middle.

    Such being is far from the described god in the bible etc.
    But the reason why something HAS to exist, is because we can always ask the question "where did that come from?" no matter how far the scientists take it back.
    Evolution has to come from somewhere. In our world, organic life evolved to have a consciousness. There must be something that made all life in the universe ache for a more "complex" structure. Atoms on their own wouldn't be able to randomly create a fish, for example. Something in the universe has implyed a natural law that states that more complex structures must be made, and therefore the universe would evolve.

    Why would the universe evolve otherwise? This falls out of range of Darwin's theories, as Darwin doesn't say where consciousness came from. And the ability to think. Naturally, the most primary life source shouldn't have any reason to evolve itself.

    Another thing is that the world does live by scientific laws and that nothing exceptional EVER happens that breaks such laws, like the laws of Newton. I just ask you, Con, where do these laws come from? Did they imply theirselves from the moment universe existed?
    If there truly was no superior force, how did these laws still succeed in being unbroken so far?

    By the means of questioning, people will ALWAYS require something larger than theirselves. Science simply cannot find solutions as it already draws them back to assuming things, guessing, and can't define why a universe even exists.

    For all we know, we might even be the superior force and are simply living in a world of thoughts that we have imagined and created but cannot control.

  • There is a Superior Being . . . But he is not perfect

    There is a Superior being, both in terms of intelligence and power, who rules the cosmos. But he is neither omniscient and omnipotent; he's also not omnibenevolent. The reason why people frequently insist this God doesn't exist is because humans place personal demands on this God that just aren't so. Humans, from atheists to the most devout theists, demand a God that is a perfect angel. But the real God, because of his imperfection and natural limitations, also probably better described as a devil. This is the reason for the disconnect.

    But as time elapses, our knowledge of God improves. Sometime in the future, people everyway, once aware that this superior being is real, will have the opportunity to have a genuine relationship with him and many questions will be answered.

  • Yes he does and please actually read the full argument

    First i want to ask you this if god did not exist then who or what created this whole damn world? People who seem to not believe in god seems to be logical people now explain me this how does the universe suddenly appearing out of thing air become a more logical explanation then something creating it. Even if there was a big bang something triggered it there needs to be a creator ! ! Book does not appear from thin air something had to create it objects dont randomly appear that would be idiotic and stupid. If you ask then why is there good and evil, well im not an expert im not god but probbably because god wants us to be free f everything was already set then whats the point of creating it. Im pretty sure god does not want us to be like robots.


    ! And also i want to talk about Islam some people here use this topic by hating on islam, well first islam teaches us to learn second it also teaches us science also most of all i teaches us to be peaceful. Have you guys actually read the quran and not read it from some crappy online website or from a friend, Actually read it and ask a good muslim. If a gave a the best book that teaches simple math to a mentally disabled person im pretty sure he wont be able to understand this also applies to the terrorist even if i teach a religion to a bunch of physcopaths it would not work. Dont bring up alqaeda and all that crap thats another topic about the cia.

  • YES THERE IS and pls read everything

    Now i know that there is science and we need it im not denying it or anything but you guys have to understand that there is a supreme being. It may seem illogical on how it could happen that god suddenly exist and everything was empty but what is more illogical is if everything was just there with nothing to create it. A house does not appear suddenly nor does a car or even a book something needs to create it. If you ask the why is there evil death and all the horrid things, well i dont know the answer but maybe im assuming there needs to be a balance or god wants us to be free im pretty sure god does not want us to be like robots. You guys have to understand that we are just another type of species in this big universe if we cant comprehend it that does not mean it does not exist, gods way of thinking surely should be ahead of ours we are not the smartest beings in the world. Im not saying to stop learning but to stop being arrogant and thinking you know it all. Im pretty sure an ant cannot understand human logic and this can also apply with us not being able to understand gods logic, just because we cant understand does not mean it is wrong. In some religions like Islam it encourages humans to study and study and not just read the books so for those of you saying that religion is the death of science or knowledge your wrong. So please try to understand

  • God surpasses the idea of existence

    Only an unreasonable person would doubt that there is a divine source to the universe and earth. It is obvious that humans were set in this solar system on purpose, and all of our existence has been centered on chasing that purpose.

    That there is a God is certain. That God transcends the idea of existence is also certain.

  • Well, to me there are many supreme beings.

    I know that my argument won't prove anything to a sceptic, but I can show it to you. When hard polytheistic people like me have a spiritual experience we always have results, more then just a nice feeling, visible results. I know it will sound extremely funny to some, but here is how it looks, just some examples:
    ex. I was broken hearted and I just burned some incense and asked Aphrodite to help me out, and the next thing I know I found a cute guy, so I can suppose that my prayer was heard.
    Ex. I was just did my prayers to Artemis and few days later a guy tried to rape me but I escaped, so I can suppose that Artemis helped me.

    And for a real life example, I can take myself. Since now it's the New Moon, a celebration for letting new stuff in and regaining peace in the oikios (household), my Mom and Dad just made up, we had a cute family time, stuff we don't usually have, yet my parents didn't know that it was the New Moon, so I can suppose that the gods of the household answered my prayers. Yes, this is not proof, there are many people that pretend to have extraordinary miracles, but this things I'm taking about are constant, I see them often. The answer is still irrelevant, as long as you're a moral person, believer or non-believer it doesn't really matter, and as a believer you shouldn't contradict human rights or science.

  • Science and God

    How far in understanding a human brain a monkey could go with their "science"? Is an ant consciousness about a human passing by, or for them it's just a shadow? Our own Physics says that there is no effect without a cause, we can see it every day, all around the known Universe. Now, think about the scale of things - everything in the Universe can be as smaller as you can realize, but also so big that our brains could never process. Everything has a scale, smaller, bigger, to the infinite (ok the Universe seems to have a boundary - what about the multiverse theory?). If there is no effect without a cause, I think is feasible to attribute the creation of the physics and the bricks of matter to a God. Also, intelligence seems to be inside the concept of scale. Why not an Intelligence that tends to the infinite? As humans, can we even conceptualize this Intelligence? Here's were faith comes in, the feeling, the experience. Not the evidence. Make your choice.
    Glauber (Brazil, Jundiaí)

  • A 'Perfect' God, omnipotent, omniscient, etc...... Could never create anything as ridiculous as this world.

    How could it be possible for perfection to create such imperfection as we see all around us. I personally have no evidence of any supreme being. A supreme being would grow a new arm on an amputee for example. If you don't believe first, reading the Bible becomes comical. God is killing Amalikite women, babies and old people by throwing hailstones down on them. A 'Perfect' God would not have to kill his entire creation in a gigantic flood, save one family, for botching the creation in the first place. Where is any solid evidence for any god or goddess? It's said that we are made in 'God's image', but what could that mean? Our being is bone and blood and muscle, so what is God's being?

    God needs to show up......

    Charles coryn

  • Gods do not exist.

    I have a reasonable theory of how so many gods have been known to exist. Early man had the ability for logic but had little experience using it. He was too busy hunting, gathering, and building shelters. As mankind spread throughout the globe he settled down in places along the way. Once he settled in an area, he finally had some time to look around at things and use his logic. He realized that he was much more advanced than other living things. He could create things like cloths and shelter. He could control parts of nature and grow plants for food. He had a somewhat good idea of how nature worked. Problem was, there was still so much that he did not create, could not control, and did not know. According to his primative logic, this must mean that there must be an even more advanced being that created what he didn't, controlled what he couldn't, and knew what he was unable to. This combined with a dream or something similar could cause one of the people to believe that the more advanced being talked to them.
    Because this happened in different places and times explains why so many gods have been known to exist.
    I love when people use the "organized universe" idea to somehow show evidence of a god. When the universe was new, it was far from what it is today. Planets crashing into others or just floating through space alone. Over billions of years, planets got drawn into orbits of larger planets or suns and the suns went into orbits to form galaxies. This means that the universe would have been total chaos back then. Now, things seam much more organized but there is still much chaos. Suns go dead and either destroy the planets or send them back into space. Some suns, go supernova and destroy planets light-years away with gamma-ray bursts. Our well organized universe is just an illusion.

  • Single supreme being?

    There might be some type of master creator out there that maybe even has a consciousness. If you look at the single steps in the long history of evolution to a single cell to a man, you wonder about every single decision/step in the process. There could be some type of master conductor of the elements that "knew" humans were "probable".

    I actually read about 50 pages from the old testament today and the book definition of "god" from that period is almost comical. We know it killed 10's of millions in at least 2 wars alone let alone all the other consistent skirmishes that go on still. As I type this there is a protest in the thousands in Nigeria for 200 girls kidnapped at a mostly Christian camp, were forced to convert to Islam, then to be sold for $12 as wives. It's a joke this stuff is going on anywhere in the world at this point. Education is the key to insight.

  • Please try to be logical here...

    "God" is not real. What evidence has there ever been that he exists? As far as anyone knows, the Bible could just be a collection of stories meant to make us act more benevolently and have better morals, not anything that has a literal meaning. The same could be said for any other religious doctrines in the world. If you cannot prove something exists, it does not exist until it is proven to, based on Schroedinger's way of thinking.

  • The idea no longer makes sense.

    Back when civilizations were first forming, they were polytheistic, meaning they had many gods. Over time, that idea became less worshipped, and monotheism became the typical force behind a supreme being.

    I find it funny that teachers believing in a supreme being can teach about Ancient Greek mythology and how it's all made up, while at the same time believing that there is definitely God up there. It's hypocritical...

    Now technology is better. There is no need for the ancient traditions of gods being responsible for rain, wind, etc...
    If you think about it, it's a progression. First, belief in many gods. Then, the belief in one god. Now is the time for science to rise.
    Just as gods were the most believable explanation, scientific knowledge is now the most believable.

    Science makes so much sense nowadays. There's no need for a god.
    I'm not saying that our view might change again in the next few centuries, but as of now, the most believable answer is that there is no supreme being.

  • Yes i'll tell you why

    The idea of a supreme being is that of an all powerful and all loving being right?? There is the simple argument that if evil exists he cant be both all good and powerful but even so when i challenge a being i expect it to respond when i ask this being for a game of pool he does not respond but a SUPREME being would respond so a creator may exist but its not anything like any religion ever told and is not supreme

  • Christianity, if logically viewed, is stupidity.

    Christianity is one of the most popular religions of the 21st century. However, could it possibly be just a trend? In the Christian bible, it clearly states that a great, supreme being has made, manages, and knows everything about the world as we know it. However, the irony in this is that the "God" in the Christian bible also sacrificed his own son, known as "Jesus", in the bible. What is ironic about this, you may be asking right now. If this supreme being could create this universe and know everything and all things, why would he have created this world and curse his own son to die? Religions are a myth, and supreme beings do not exist.

  • The concept of a supreme being is an anthropomorphization

    A 'Supreme being' is a reference to some kind of deity. There is no justification for the belief in any kind supreme being. Being superior to all of existence is what a supreme being is, and there is no such thing. All 'experiences' of a supreme being is a delusional misinterpretation of human metaphysicality. We project this quality into the universe. We project our daseinian condition of being upon existence, because this is how we make sense of things. It is important to realize that this is how the concept of a supreme being or a deity exists - an imagined projection of our idealized humanity stemming from an infantile feeling of dependence on something greater than ourselves, a thing to establish justice and make the world ok.

  • No there isn't

    And this is far from a "perfect" world. Really, 42 more words? But I've already said everything I wanted to say. Oh ok, as far as the explosion that took a few billion years (14 or so actually) - well, there's literally nothing to stop it, so it just may go on forever :)

  • Of Course Not! :

    Regardless of your religion, a supreme being is a Fallacious concept. Because of the connotations of the word Supreme. Do they mean supreme in knowledge, the being must have a Brain Like Form which channels information and thus could be detectable. Does it mean Supremely Powerful, when measured against WHAT?.
    We could go on for days, but essentially to argue that a Supreme Being Exists is an Argument From Ignorance!

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Nathan-D says2014-05-01T14:06:31.580
I find it amusing when people categorically and emphatically say that God does not exist as though they've checked every corner of the universe of something. Agnosticism is a rational position to take in my view. So I'll say I don't know instead of saying 'yes' or 'no' and pretending to have knowledge of something I do not possess.
Mike01506 says2014-05-01T19:16:45.590
These questions are ridiculous, and probably reposted by the same people each time.
The stupidly high amount of evidence against religion is to a point where you can say "look up into the sky" and there you have it, the word of god is disproved.
Sagey says2014-05-04T04:54:33.547
Those that assert that a Supreme Being Exists always have BOP, so far, not one of those making such assertions has ever come good with the proof. Then they have the stupidity to attack naysayers, who are simply pointing out that they failed their BOP commitment.