• I'm a "hyper-functioning alcoholic"

    It is scientifically proven that large amount of beer in a driver's system multiplies his or her focus by ten times. Whenever I'm feeling a little sleepy, I tend to shoot back some Pabst Blue Ribbon for not only my safety, but the safety of others.

    The only problem is that some people like the police take issue with my way of doing things

  • Shame on those who think there is

    I just want to see if people are actually stupid enough to think they can become intoxicated and drive. IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW COMPETENT YOU THINK YOU ARE, YOUR SENSES ARE DULLED. Sorry, had to get that out. But Drunk driving accidents are the most preventable senseless tragedies on the face of the earth. It is selfish and reckless to hit the road after taking a few shots, think of someone besides yourself.

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