• The marriage contract was destroyed 40 years ago with no-fault divorce.

    There is a war on marriage, but it has nothing to do with the inclusion of homosexuals. Since the passage of unilateral (no fault) divorce in the 60's. The National Organization of Women and Stat Bar Union have made steady progress in destroying the American Family. They have done this by turning the Marriage contract into a sham where the wrongdoer is rewarded for breaking the terms of the contract. Marriages in states such as california are practically guaranteed to fail (75%) because the women (70%) are rewarded for failing to keep their commitments.

  • War shifts with a shifting social norms.

    The "War on Marriage" has been an ongoing conflict for last seventy or so years. The war is whether or not the right to marriage is a civil right or not. The individuals who claim that there is no war on marriage are not looking into the correct spectrum. Remember the days when interracial marriages was the hot topic among the supreme court? The war on marriage still rages but it is in a different scope as our world changes. People not view interracial interaction as a common and acceptable practice. It is no longer a war of the classes but a war of the faiths, marriage is areligious debate now more than ever. If the war on marriage didn't exist, there would not be news headlines, supreme court rulings, and presidential platforms taking a stand on it.

  • Marriage Is Declining

    Yes, there is a war on marriage. More and more young people are opting to live together without getting married. This trend continues to gain acceptance and is becoming the norm for most young couples anymore. The only people who actually seem to be interested in marriage anymore are gay couples. Either way, traditional marriage is transitioning as more gay couples take marriage vows and more hetero couples decide to live without vows.

  • No, there isn't

    The only war going on is that against homosexuals having the same civil rights as straight married couples. The institution isn't under attack. Churches are allowed to not have marriages they disagree with held within their walls, I don't see why that isn't enough for them. What they consider an immoral marriage isn't one that affects them in any way whatsoever and only a bigot would say that it does.

  • No, there is no war on marriage.

    There are many issues that make people believe that there is a current battle for the rights of marriage, however, I believe it is just a cover that our government has put up to make us oblivious of the other issues happening around the world. In many parts of the world, like Syria and in the Middle East, there is much tension and the US are involved. However, our government would rather have us be ignorant about it.

  • Marriage is Overrated

    No, I do not think there is a war on marriage at all. But I do think many people marry for insignificant reasons and that is why divorce is so prevalent. Marriage is not the same institution that it was years ago.. a lot of young people probably feel getting married isn't necessary. You don't need a piece of paper to show that you love someone or are committed to someone.

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