• Yes there is!

    There's a lot of alleged Wars going on - the War on Spirituality, the War on Christmas, the War on Gun Owners - but the only one that there's any tangible evidence for is the U.S. government's war on the fundamental privacy rights of Americans. The NSA's PRISM program, leaked by Edward Snowden - a whistleblower and a hero demonized and accused of treason for revealing practices used against American citizens - is simple proof of this fact.

  • Yes. i believe there is a war on privacy.

    Yes. i believe there is a war on privacy, because everything you do in today's world requires you to disclose personal information. Facebook, Twitter. In today's society you cant even return a product to a store for a refund without giving your personal information. There is no such thing as privacy any more.

  • Yes there is

    Yes I do think that there is a war on privacy. I think it is a somewhat new cultural war and it will become more prevalent in the years to come. Privacy is an ever fading thing. The internet and just about every aspect of life is becoming less and less private.

  • There is a war on privacy.

    There is a war on privacy. We are allowing the government or empowering them to spy on us. We should fight back and not allow this to happen. The NSA has been known to gather information without the public knowledge and most of this was private data. So I think there is a war on privacy.

  • There is a War on Privacy

    Yes, there is a war on privacy. With agencies such as the NSA, and policies such as Great Britain's increasing police state, it is hard to argue that various governments of the world do not wish to keep better tabs on their populaces. Thus, it would appear that there is a war on privacy.

  • The attacks on privacy could easily be called a war

    There is a war on privacy but it is often subtle and many of its components include silent and hidden attacks. There are sections of the government that feel it is their duty and responsibility to invade the private communications of all of us for the greater safety and good of the community at large.

  • Yes, there is a WAR on privacy.

    In my opinion there is a war on personal privacy and data mining is at its source. The gathering of peoples personal private information has been led by corporate interests and feed by the Republican party in order to make money off of the American people. The NSA and other agencies help and encourage these practices in the search of power and control.

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