• Yes. About time.

    Religion has declared war on logic and rationality long enough to destroy scientific achievement for hundreds of years. Finally science and logic are fighting back. Attendance of religions has dropped and lack of belief has sky rocketed. Finally illogical conclusions to inconclusive evidence has ended. All I can say is it's about time.

  • Unofficially, of course.

    "We" (American society) would "never" have an open and clear statement against any religion but that does not change our society from making social norms that systematically subjugate specific individuals. Through our police systems we call this profiling. Through higher education as well as surveys we call this section 'demographics'. Ultimately religion, just like skin tone, voice patterns, sex and disability, Is there any sort of clear and written 'war', or course there is not but there is a clear social and political ranking of those who are ideal and those who are not.

  • Yes—at least—some specific religions are being targeted.

    In the United States, the government is trying to be religion-neutral, so to speak. However—I am not biased towards Christians, rather, I am merely using their predicament as a basis for my argument—while prayer is banned in schools and Christians are discriminated against openly in the media and public thought, Islam has been embraced by our president, whose actions seem to be carefully orchestrated as to avoid offending the Muslims.

  • It's just a stupid thing to say.

    Not letting a group of theocratic individuals tell non theocratic individuals how to live their lives does not equal a war. People claiming war on religion are the equivalent of a fat guy saying that anyone who is skinny is purposely and directly disrespecting and offending them in an attempt to stop them from living happily by being healthy and respecting their body. Religion belongs in the home, not in the streets, not in the schools, and not in the government. There are things that affect our lives that are greatly larger and more important than religion ever will or has been. There are things that actually matter, objectively religion is truly not one of them.

  • If religion is not there, there is no war

    Religion is not there, there would be no arguments, there would be peace all over India there is no fight in Hindu and Muslims religion. It is just tribalism. Religion cannot and should not be replaced by atheism. Religion needs to go away and not be replaced by anything. At last I say religion is a type of war.

  • No, religion has always been under what the religious call a "war".

    Christianity, in particular, has been under heavy heat in the past, especially during the Enlightenment. Philosophers challenged religious dogmas time and again but not as a way of fighting religion to the ground. Only as a way to cast doubt on religious belief, especially when it became involved in sociopolitical affairs, that is, when religion was used as an argument for cruel and heinous acts. Moreover, the Christian view is that Christians are persecuted. Because non-believers are coming out into the open and speaking their mind, the idea is somehow instilled that they are building an army that will bring down religion. Whereas, the reality of it is, these like-minded people are simply sharing their ideas about religion and why they doubt its dogmas, not that they desire to burn it to the ground. It may or may not be the case that some Christians subconsciously manufacture this idea of a "war" on religion as a defense mechanism against their beliefs, having no rational way to defend themselves but only through emotional appeal, and/or may relate the idea to Jesus's suffering on the cross. It seems that because doubt is so fundamentally against belief, anyone who voices doubt is considered a villain, or the enemy. Therefore, the fabrication exists solely in the minds of the religious.

  • No, religion is waging the war

    It seems to me that our world is becoming more and more secular and religion is losing its place as a dominant force. Religions never have seemed to be happy in their own beliefs and content to let others have their beliefs. They are continually trying to convert and when that fails to force their beliefs on others. In today's world religions are having a more difficult time doing that and they are losing their control over people. People question religious beliefs when their own life experiences lead them to believe otherwise, and little by little, religious authority has been weakening. Religion is being ignored when it is perceived to no longer apply to our current world.

  • No- Some people are trying to wage a war against the world due to their beliefs.

    Due to the recent events in the 21st Century that has impacted our society, religion plays no role in the conflicts. On September 11th 2001, Al Qaida attacked the United States because one of the reasons were that the United States was in support of Israel. Due to the fact that Al Qaida was anti-Semitic, they decided to go against America but that is just one of the reasons why they attacked us. There are a variety of reasons of why this terrorist group attacked the United States such as converting other people to a religion in a forceful manner by making them as religious extremists because the Western civilization's religion is "worshipped by infidels" or it is "corrupt". In other words, this organization believes that the United States should convert because of their own opinions and accusations against religions such as Christianity and Judaism. In closing, just because a group makes an impact in the world and they just so happened to be in a specific religion, does not mean that there is a war on religion. That is nothing. Different people are going to have different opinions and values of their own because whether we like it or not, we are going to have a new idea or a different opinion because if everything did the same thing, life would be boring.

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