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  • No there is not.

    The unemployed have many benefits. These days it seems to be easier to be unemployed rather than employed. There are many government aids such as wellfare and food stamps to help them out. People learn how to get on disability and abuse unemployment insurance. They have it better off than the low paid employed.

  • No, The Unemployed Make War on Themselves

    The unemployed make their own troubles. They enjoy their liberty at first. Since they have an unemployment check to shield them, they sleep late, play video games and hang out with friends all day. Since they only have to apply for a few jobs to receive a check, they don’t look hard for a job. When they finally begin to really hunt for work, they find they have messed up their
    resume by taking such a long vacation. When they do get a job, it will be for lower pay, with
    fewer benefits.

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