• Water is must

    Because without water we canot do our daily activities just like brushing washing drinking and bathing water is essential for all these activities we thing the earth is mostly covered with water but do we know only one percent of the water from that is mineral and the rest is salty we should also remember that till 2025 in Pakistan the water will be finish if dam wouldn't be made so please donate money for your happy future and for next generation

  • There are countries who have no potable water.

    Yes, there is a water shortage crisis around the world. We have countries where there is no potable water to be had except for an occasional artesian well. There is land that cannot sustain crops because it cannot be irrigated. Water tables are dropping and many of our own farmers are struggling with drought and not enough water to irrigate as much as needed. Rural families are seeing their wells go dry as neighboring farms try to save their crops.

  • Water must be cleaned

    The world has plenty of water and it will always have plenty of water, but we have privatized it and made it a resource with scarcity, thus the water shortage crises that face many countries, particularly poor, rural areas of third world countries. There is plenty to go around, why is this the case?

  • People are unaware

    Especially in very specific areas, water shortages are a growing problem around the world. Efforts are being made to secure safe drinking water to all areas of the world, but not even everyone has access to this basic need. Other areas are finding water reserves depleted and fighting for resources.

  • there is a water crisis

    80 countries are reported to have water shortages. California is having the biggest drought in recorded history. The reservoirs in the state were at 17 percent capacity a couple of days ago. This is a major issue people should be paying attention to. It could be a huge a problem in the near future, if it is not already.

  • Yes, there is a water shortage.

    I think that as the population continues to grow, our resources dwindle. Water is one of those resources. Even though we may think that there is still a lot of water to go around, we have to think about it in a long term point of view. I think that the logistics of getting water to the people is another problem.

  • No it is not true.

    If we stop consumption there would be water on earth but no humans
    So what do you want water or humans
    Also we pay for water so we can use it as we wish
    And you use it as you wish
    Also various country can depend upon rainfall for their water

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