Is there a way I can make money off global warming?

  • Yes, There Is

    Specifically, An opportunity for money lies in either advocating awareness of climate change and politically pushing the issue for power and wealth from whomever donates to the cause, Or to collect the fortunes that oil companies may offer politicians in order to downplay (not suggesting I am against or believe in climate change) the seriousness of the issue and that the alarm for this concern is simply due to "corrupt" politicians pushing their agenda and own interests, According to yourself or they.

  • Grow grapes in the uk

    Britain never used to be warm enough to make wine never over thousands of years the climate was just too cold. . But guess wha a few years ago some one tried yet again. . The uk is now of a climate that grapes and wine will grow and be made. . So enjoy domestically grown wine England as the world burns

  • Oil drilling in the Arctic

    Oil drilling in the arctic would be much easier without all the cold and ice. About 22 percent of the world's oil and natural gas is in this region. Currently ice is a large obstacle to oil drilling in the arctic, As it can hinder the transportation of materials and oil by sea. (https://www. Eia. Gov/analysis/studies/archive/2009/arctic/index. Html)

  • There HAS to be a way.

    There's a way to make money off just about anything.

    Maybe I could sell a book in which I talk about it, Or start a gofundme for myself to protect me and my family from the deleterious effects of irresponsible West-Coast residents. I could lobby for solar, And use some of that money to put a stranglehold on some of the top electronics companies. I can put all kinds of meaningless labels on my products, Such as "non-GMO certified bottles" or paying the PTO fee for a trademark of a cute little green leaf on all my Chinese goods.

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