Is there a way to make the responsible fatherhood movement legally enforceable?

  • responsible fatherhood movement

    There is a way to make the responsible fatherhood movement legally enforceable by passing a law to make it legal. Men should have to provide and pay just as much as the person giving birth. It shoul dbe equal in the care for the child it is two people who created this little person now two people should be held responsible for taking care of him or her.

  • Give dads a chance.

    Yes, there is a way to make the responsible fatherhood movement legally enforceable, because that is just as simple as making the courts allow fathers to be fathers. Fathers are at the mercy of the mothers. A father can only be involved in a child's life if the mother and the court say it's okay. This is demeaning.

  • Child Support Laws Not Working Well

    Currently, responsible fatherhood is encoded in law with legal requirements for men to pay child support if they are not the custodial parents. This law has led to more children receiving support from their fathers, however, there are still many "deadbeat" dads who are not doing what they are supposed to. Yet it is hard to imagine a law that would be more effective than what we already have.

  • No There Isn't

    Child support is suppose to be legally enforceable but many mothers are left to fight the "justice" system to even get their concerns aired. I had to pay a lawyer $750 just to get the guy tracked down and served so the child support could be set. I think it is silly to suggest that the fatherhood movement should be legally enforced. No one has the money to go to court for these types of things. The fatherhood movement isn't even on the radar in this country, in my opinion.

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