Is there a wrongful anti-Creationist movement?

Asked by: saxman
  • Both Creationism and Evolutionism have their faults.

    Now neither side has proven all the facts, and both have proven many points on their sides. Please don't post an opinion if your just going to spout out what you heard in school. I have researched the topic, and there is actually some substantial evidence for creationism. And also some major holes in the evolutionary theory. It used to be that Christians didn't want to "move forward" in learning how everything came to being (especially the Catholic Church in the Dark Ages). But there are many recent events that can model past possible events listed in the Bible. A major one being the Flood. Look up information on Mount Saint Helens. Perfect example on quick water erosion and also population growth. And there is Biological research that helps the possibility that all people cam from a very small group of people. Or that changing from one species is impossible. I once heard an evolutionist say that "whatever it was" on the occasion i was questioning him for information. Creationists have an "x = all" ultimate answer. Which however unlikely, is more likely than the astronomical chance of all the different things in evolution happening all at the right time in the right places. Even evolutionists believe in something eternal. Eternal matter and Eternal energy at least, unless you want the question that energy can in fact be destroyed. And biologically, we are closer to pigs than monkeys. And the amount of dust on the moon should be way more than what we see today. There are inches of dust on the moon. If we give an estimate, including the old earth time and rate of gain, there should be feet of dust on the moon. Now I don't have all the answers, nobody does. But it is impolite and unwise to discount someones reasonable arguments just because they disagree with you. Please leave educated, cool-minded votes and comments. State your logical points and they will be much appreciated.

  • DUH duh duh

    When was the last time an anti evolution paper was published in any upstanding newspaper article. There is much to say against evolution yet they will not print it. Its the religion of science. How is it that we live in a time when we laugh at someone who has an opinion different then evolution and disregard him for an idiot. Wouldn't you call that some sort of movement?!

  • Yes there is

    Lol I posted most of my arguments on the other side :)
    I don't really feel like writing a whole new post :(

    But here goes:
    The arguments against Creation normally go something like this:
    Existence of God is unprovable, therefore we shouldn't believe He exists (mixing truth and lies)
    Science has proven Evolution a fact (False. Science can't prove anything, not even that gravity is real)

    First, yes, the existence of God is currently unprovable through observational science, just as Dinosaurs turning into thanksgiving dinner is!
    BUT, with forensic science, you can provide a good argument for the existence of God (or at least ID) something like this:
    Look at the computer you're reading this on? Was that designed? What about the brain that's interpreting that data?
    Of course there are many strong rebuttals to this, I'm only brushing the surface of this argument.
    Symbiosis between creatures which would otherwise be predators, is another argument for ID. They would both have to 'evolve' the idea to NOT eat the other guy, AT THE SAME TIME.

    Neither has Evolution been proven!
    But I've got to go! Sorry about quitting in the middle :)
    Read my other post for more info :)

  • Creationism is bad science.

    Creationism does not make any testable or falsifiable predictions. Evidence that supports Creationism is cherry picked, often from old, dis proven or out of context sources.
    Evolution is one of the most successful scientific theories ever devised. It is agreed upon by multiple fields of science (biology, genetics, archeology, geology etc). We have transitional forms, we've seen evolution occur in the lab, we've seen evolution in the wild, genetic mutation occurs and is passed down through generations no one in their right mind disputes this.
    There are no good arguments for creationism. Evolution is a FACT. Simple as that.

  • Science is a Anti-Creationist Movement

    Considering the very idea of science is to not build from an answer but to ask a question and follow where the evidence leads. This is why scientists are able to change their opinions and understandings in order to follow where science leads us. Creationists asserts their belief as an answer and then instead of following where the evidence takes them, they instead try to cherry pick anything that falls into their belief and label it "Creation Science".

  • . Anti creationist over kill Marxism probably not happen with fear of witch hunts

    There is a Buddha quote I found usually correct ,there are three things that will not stay hidden long the sun the moon and the truth .It is not a need to prove truth by burn people at the stake ,hiding lies maybe . Creationist not hiding their liars to start with pol pot and Stalin would have no tool for their insane misguiding people that with no reason to fear being witch hunted .Creationist created those crazies with there craziness . Their are bad in all groups of people most non believers I known seem to higher standards of morals .Then people telling me their god made all things ,but sex is a sin in gods eyes .I almost sense how creationist wish for old time religion to come back to burn me at the stake when I say if god designed to sin then blames for doing it sounds to lame to have made something to me . Its amazing how stupid creationist sound when you ask how and why god designed homosexuals . Look if creationist stopping hiding they don't know if or how things were created individuals nuts would not be able lead non creationist to equal up to creationist insanity .Honestly I see pol pot and Stalin both Christ like just more successful at it . Like the bible nothing was put before them plus both better then Jesus at making sure their will in their country as it should be everywhere in their eyes like the bible wants it for gods self too ! The extremes are reactions to created mess already there . Shame creationist prayers everyone keep their cool don't work ain't it . Two wrong don't equal right but if proved wrong most anti creationist are far more likely to admit unintended wrong question for creationist why don't you just pray the world flat again ? That prove your right not do so is wrongful more then makes are guilt the fault of creationist ,like homosexuals are the fault of the creator .

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