• There must be if there is a resurrection.

    If there is no after life, then there can be no resurrection because nothing can cease to exist and come back into existence. Anything that comes back into existence can, at best, be a replica of the thing that ceased to exist before. But there is a resurrection, which is evident in the fact that Jesus was raised from the dead, so there is an after life. There would have to be to maintain continuity of identity between death and resurrection.

  • Yes there is an afterlife

    Science doesn't know everything so how could they say there is no afterlife. They don't have the evidence to prove it, so how can they say it is not true. I know there is no evidence that proves that there is an afterlife but how could you say there isn't. You can say what you say, but in the in majority rules

  • I don't care if it's real or not. It calls me to a higher standard.

    Even if it is a figment of my imagination, Buddhism and the idea of reincarnation motivates me to be a better person and spread as much good into the lives of other people as possible. I think that when we die, our souls are confronted by Buddha and he decides if we've been good in the life we've been given or not. If so, we get to experience our next life anew as a brand new creature of our choice, when we die, I believe, our souls contain all the knowledge of all the live we've ever lived, but we forget this again when we are reincarnated. If we were bad, we are reincarnated into a lesser life form and forced to endure the sufferings that that life form must carry out.

  • Yes, there is an afterlife.

    People have been pondering the question of the existence of an afterlife for centuries. I believe the answer is emphatically, yes. Physics tells us that energy cannot be destroyed; only altered. My mind must be a form of energy, since its activity can be measured. It therefore only makes sense that my mind is unable to be destroyed, only changed.

  • Of course there is.

    Where do we go when we die? We don't just disappear off the face of the earth. Our time on this planet is made up of memories & gathering knowledge of lots of different things, and It all cant just go. We must carry on all this superiority in another life. The afterlife is 100% real.

  • Disagree that there isnt any evidence

    This is just my opinion when someone says there is no evidence, this person has clearly never had any kind of ghostly encounter. Im sorry but when something comes on my phone recorder and says words, especially intelligent responses to questions, i just dont see that as being any kind of coincidence or radio interference. I suggest anyone who disputes this idea to go look for themselves. If you actually try to talk to the dead, and actually try to find them, you will. May take a really long time, but i have at least 4 class A EVPS now, and every single one of them came from a dead person.

    EVP is my favorite form of proof. You can say, oh well the brain is designed to hear what it wants so if there is the slightest sound yada yada yada, good try but no lol. Some of these EVPS are so clear its ridiculous to think them as anything else. Not only that, but when you are in the presence of a spirit, or a demon, you know it. Your body knows it, and your body knows it is not natural to your realm.

  • Yes there is

    For years people have had experiences involving the afterlife and then there was the fact that quantum physics help bring scientific ideas and possibilities of the concept of the afterlife that really make sense I firmly believe that the afterlife no matter what or how it's like s definitely real.

  • There is an Afterlife

    According to <a href="http://www.Smni.Com">Pastor Apollo Quiboloy</a> based on the word of God, there is an afterlife.
    And we must be sure because we will be judged in whatever we believe in.
    Luke 16:19-31 Lazarus and the Rich Man, shows that there are only two destinations that we are headed to: Heaven or Hell.

  • Yes yes yes

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  • What are the odds?

    Scientists claim there is no way of life after death; however they also espouse to the big bang theory. Is there reincarnation is the biggest question to me. Just as big as is there life on other worlds. To me the odds are in favor of everything except the big bang and the reason being is what was before the big bang. I think there is one major concept that stops science in its tracks; infinity! Man has to have limits and as such parameters. On a tangent; we had extreme Auroras the other night and as I was looking up into the sky I was (as usual) in awe because I have stared at the Hubble Deep Field photo for many long periods to try to comprehend infinity. Both distance and time because they are intertwined; as in light year. Now I also understand all the claims of no God either however again we come back to infinity and there are no parameters for God. My belief in the after life and more over reincarnation comes from infinity and begging the question; "Is this all there is?" The odds say NO. I sit typing this with the same open-mindedness that is demanded from the diversity of this world today. One thing is certain... Some day we WILL all find out and unless science catches up there still will not be any proof.

  • It's the absolute end

    No afterlife. We we die we are extinguished forever. We will be dead, gone, and will experience no further consciousness, no sense of time, no thoughts or history, certainly no future, and our bodies will rot into nothing. Death is the final terminal end of us. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Isn't it obvious enough. DEATH does not exist. You CANNOT die.

    I don't know why anyone even believes in death. I met so many people and it seems that whenever I asked them if they have died they day no. Noone I have ever met has ever told me they have died. I also ask them if they have ever asked anyone if they were dead and had received a yes. Death is simply propaganda OBVIOUSLY.

  • We made it up.

    To tell the truth, I believe that something our ancestors, who had no understanding of modern science would write something based on a vision from god or whatever. The fact that someone could actual have received such a vision is a completely preposterous idea. If this was the case why would there by such a wide range of beliefs and ideas of the afterlife?

  • We made it up.

    To tell the truth, I believe that something our ancestors, who had no understanding of modern science would write something based on a vision from god or whatever. The fact that someone could actual have received such a vision is a completely preposterous idea. If this was the case why would there by such a wide range of beliefs and ideas of the afterlife?

  • You are so focused on a possible life after death, so much so that you ignore the life that is in front of you.

    Keep in mind there is no evidence whatsoever for an afterlife. There is no "valid, repeatable and empirical evidence for the afterlife," and citing more books does not make it seem any more real. How many have come forward and admitted their books were lies? They are usually children because an adult would certainly receive hash backlash.

    Additionally, feelings do not constitute truth or evidence, nor rationale, but if it is an opinion and not an enforced teaching, then there is no issue.

    To claim that science doesn't know everything is true, but to claim that you have special access to knowledge that science cannot support is a rather ambitious claim. Do you also happen to know about a secret hideout for unicorns, by any chance? To quote the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyaim, "And do you think that unto such as you, a maggot-minded, starved, fanatic crew, God gave the Secret, and denied it me? Well, well, what matters it! Believe that too."

    To claim that the afterlife must be true because the resurrection occurred and that its nonexistence would negate your belief is amongst the most circular of theistic arguments that address this question. Again, bring forward your evidence, not necessarily proof, of Jesus's resurrection, the resurrection of believers, and of the afterlife, and then we can talk more intelligibly about this. Until then, I will compare your God to Mithras or Thor or Osiris in terms of evidence found to suggest his existence.

    Finally, if you need an afterlife to hold you accountable to a "Higher standard," you are not a good human being. If the threat of a bad next life is the only thing preventing you from committing heinous acts and harming your fellow human, you make the claim that without that belief in the afterlife you would most likely be a worse human that what you are now. What a terrible argument for the afterlife, as many other humans are capable of being and doing good without such a belief.

  • Yes, we're sheep.

    We don't have a shepard. Stop pretending, and lets figure out how to live forever TOGETHER. I think biology is our trap. I cannot imagine myself without it, yet we will definitely get to a point where we won't have it. I'm helping until I die or live forever. Truth.

  • There Is Not

    There are a multitude of things to consider. There is no empirical evidence, NONE, NDE's are nothing more than your Pineal Gland going bonkers before your brain shuts down for good. Ask a credible neurologist. People point to the complexity of the universe as being indicative of a creator, and I couldn't disagree more. I look at the complexity of the universe and say, you know what? There's no way anyone could have composed this them self. If God were real and he is all powerful, why would he conceal himself so well? Why would he nonsensically torture his creations? It's absurd. To live forever would be such a drag. What meaning would our lives have if there were a subsequent life that lasts for eternity? We are biological matter, and it's beautiful. Consciousness allows us to observe and appreciate out planet and put universe. The trees, the water, the grass, the sand, the planets, the stars... That's what we will become one with at death. Take this lifetime that you're fortunate enough to have, and spend it enriching the lives of others and gaining knowledge so that you might leave this world content.

  • Considering scientific knowledge on the human brain and systems, not likely

    There could be an afterlife, but I highly doubt it. It seems more likely that its an idea made to give people hope. Just thinking of being nonexistent snd forgotten can cause fear or insanity in some people. We are really just an organism like anything else, and thoughts are really just reactions to a situation. The idea of an afterlife is likely to just be a story to comfort people.

  • Where's the evidence?

    There is literally no evidence to support the claim that there is an afterlife. And don't point to religious prophets/texts, they are not evidence because there is the very probable possibility that none of it is true.

    Death marks the end of all biological processes in the body. It is improbable/impossible that something happens after it. And there is no evidence of a soul either, which I believe is necessary for an afterlife in many religions.

    Instead of creating and propagating intricate fantasies of eternal life in some magical dimension beyond time and space we should appreciate the fact that our time here is limited and we should make the most of it.

  • Maybe, probably, most likely not

    While I'd agree with all those hoping that there is one, the two previous comments about a need for evidence is critical to my decision to vote no.... Realizing, of course, that one can not prove, with 100% certainty, that something does NOT exist. So while that technically leaves me at MAYBE

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