Is there an effort going on worldwide to recognize Taiwan as their own sovereign nation?

  • Does the status of Taiwan matter?

    Considering the long history of Taiwan as it pertains to it's viable connection with the rest of the world, it should seem obvious that this country deserves the respect and dignity of being their own sovereign nation. With that, Taiwan certainly deserves to be recognized in that manner, for which surely the world recognizes them as such.

  • Taiwanese authorities and many others consider Taiwan a sovereign nation

    Taiwan is recognized by more than 20 UN members as the government of the Republic of China. There are other UN members that do not officially recognized Taiwan as such, but they are careful with all diplomatic language to not offend the Taiwanese authorities. The United States and many other nations push for recognizing Taiwan as their own sovereign nation.

  • No, Taiwan is being ignored

    Taiwan is being ignored as a sovereign nation because for years they have been viewed as a entity of a corporation to generate revenue. The rest of the world isn't concerned unless there is a global impact on the whole of society but not if there are no changes made to their way of life.

  • Nobody wants to know

    Taiwan has struggled for years with China's lack of recognition of them as a sovereign nation. China is too powerful, with hands in the pockets of many of the most powerful world leaders, which only belittled Taiwan's claims further. It's time for people to speak up and give Taiwan the voice it deserves.

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