• It Is Already Over

    Yes, there is an end in sight to the NHL's lockout. As a matter of fact, the lockout is already over. It has been over for quite some time now. I know people do not watch hockey as much as other sports, but there is no way that people would not know it is over.

  • Yes, there is an end, and it will be very soon.

    The NHL is not the NFL. They are not only killing whatever popularity they may have had coming into the season, but the cities and businesses being impacted will not tolerate this greed for much longer. Businesses are going under because they are not receiving the normal traffic generated from games, and cities have used tax payer dollars to build the venues that are not being used. Those venues will be rented out to recover costs and businesses will fail or relocate. This means if they continue to go on without a resolution, when they finally do reach one, they won't have a city or fans to back them, and they will have no additional revenue through agreements with local businesses, as they will not exist.

  • No

    The NHL is dying. People do not watch it on TV and only a few certain people are going to the games. The player and owners need to realize that if they want to save the game and the league than they need to lower salaries and ticket prices to get more people.

  • Yet again the NHL hurts its own brand

    The NHL has had a few times in it's history where the sport was growing more and more popular, gathering more fans and becoming a legit "big four" team sport.

    But over and over they have issues with lockouts, this one might ruin this whole season it's a shame that greed has ruined what could have been a game on par with the pro leagues of MLB, NBA and the NFL.

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