• There is epidemic

    Violent crime sees to be down, However fraud and online crime is way up. Also, In huge urban areas it is now common to go shop lift or smash car windows to steal items and no one is arrested because the jails are full and the items are under $900.

  • Yes of corse

    Its called Humanity. . . . I don't know if it is just recently ore the prevalent status og man kind is lack of empathy and the pleasure of hurting others. But as it is now, " humanity" is going off a cliff. There are many more people with psychopathy and sociopaths than anybody wants to admid. And it is always written like it us and them, For populisme. With out empathy and insight into out own minds/ psychology we cannot exist. And as I said " humanity" is jumping off a cliff. We cannot survive as psychopathic/ sociopathic/ narcisistic ore what you want to call it, Group - no more.

  • Epidemic might not be right term though

    I would say that psychopathic tendencies or sociopathy is on the increase FOR SURE. It is a conditioned and well rewarded response in many ways within our grossly ill culture. Most people will not take the trouble to understand it until they encounter it to a critical degree. Once that tipping point is reached and you are compelled to educate yourself, you will recognize how prevalent it actually is.

  • If there is an epidemic of psychopathy why has crime went down?

    If there is an epidemic of psychopathy we'd expect crime to be increasing. These statistics show the exact opposite.

    The word "epidemic" is way overused. People should start calling people out when they overuse words like that and not be afraid that people will say they "do not care". Just because you are about something doesn't mean you have to be OK with people exaggerating the issue.

  • An absurd question

    Epidemic: affecting many persons at the same time, and spreading from person to person in a locality where the disease is not permanently prevalent.

    Psychopathy CANNOT spread. You don't shake hands with John Wayne Gacy and then suddenly get the urge to go chase people around with an ax. It just doesn't happen. There aren't outbreaks of psychopathy. The word epidemic absolutely does not apply to mental illness. Period.

  • No, there isn't an epidemic of psychopathy.

    I do not think that there is an epidemic of psychopathy in today's society. I think that a lot of the instances of psychopathy that we see today is being hyped up by the news and media because of all the extra medums we get for entertainment. There isn't some sort of issue.

  • The same as always.

    No, there is not an epidemic of psychopathy, because mental problems still affect the same small part of the population as they always did. We have come a long ways towards understanding psychology, because people are diagnosed better than they ever were before. But percentage wise, it is still the same number of people.

  • No, there is not an epidemic of psychopathy.

    No, there is not an epidemic of psychopathy. There is, however, an epidemic of stupid people in this world. Too many people do stupid, punishable things(like kill their children by drowning them in a bathtub and then saying they did not want them to face all the bad things in the world). But when it comes time to face the music for their stupid acts they claim insanity. Too many people get off the hook by claiming to be "insane".

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