Is there an excuse for ignorance when it is so easy to access information via the Internet?

Asked by: Inventorkid
  • Internet Access has no Relevance to Ignorance

    Access of information does not mean knowledge or understanding. The worst grammar and the most unreliable information is on the Internet. Individuals will need excellent skills for problem solving to weed through the quantity to find the quality.
    I am a cynic. People like instant mashed potatoes because of speed and ease of cooking, but the real spud is so much more satisfying. People are people and ignorance will always exist.

  • The question is posed wrong

    It should be only for those who have real access. For example,I'm currently writing this at school, and I have no internet at home. Plus, the Internet is usually more of a distraction. Who would look at the poetical meaning of the -987 line in Picasso's book hamlet when you could see a funny meme or cat/dog and whatnot

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