• Yes, I believe that gay celebrities are burdened in coming out.

    The effects of openly gay celebrities in the media is usually followed by significant negative consequences. Whenever sexual or gender ideas of a celebrity are deviated from, the fanbase of the celebrity mainly disappears or stops paying attention to future works and the forefront of celebrity news usually is brief in keeping its focus on a new gay celebrity before their career crashes.

  • Yes, there is an onus on gay celebrities to come out of the closet

    At this stage in our society's development, there is no good reason for a gay celebrity to stay in the closet. Those who choose to stay in the closet are really only doing themselves a disservice, as their sexual orientation will one day become public knowledge. And when that happens, the fact that they kept it hidden for so long will really hurt them.

  • Gay Celebrities Deserve Their Privacy

    No, there is not an onus on gay celebrities to come out of the closet. Gay celebrities deserve the right to their own privacy. While it can certainly be inspiring when a gay celebrity shows the courage to come out of the closet, that decision should be the celebrity's, influenced by no one else.

  • No, even public people should be allowed private lives

    No one should have to come out of the closet. Everyone’s
    private life ought to be his or her own, especially as an escape from public
    life. However, certain tabloids and some websites have made a policy of speculating
    about the private lives of well-known celebrities, to increase their readership
    or page views. In circumstances like those, some celebrities have chosen to
    come out of the closet themselves, so that they can control the time, place and
    manner of their outing.

  • Fewer people care all the time.

    I don't really think there's an onus any longer. There might have been in the past. Look at the general indifference to Ellen Page announcing she was a lesbian. People thought it was mildly interesting, and then went on with the rest of their days. We have passed the point where a celebrity's sexual orientation is an issue or something they must announce.

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