• Yeah., they're an organized joke.

    Well bless their hearts, they like to think they're organized. They have their Second Amendment fetish, and they like to hold meetings. They like to communicate with each other through the Internet and talk tough about how they're going to start a revolution against this country. But they know the reality is that it would be every man for himself in the 30 seconds an actual armed conflict with the well funded and well weaponized United States military would last before it defeated them.

  • Yes,there is an organized militia movement in theUnited States.

    There is an organized militia movement in the United States.There is a segment in the population that is very concerned with illegal aliens and the impact they may have on the American economy.Militias have formed to guard the borders against illegal aliens that may choose to come into the country without permission.

  • Too Fractured, Too Distant

    There is no organized militia movement in the United States, otherwise we would have heard about such things already. The largest militia in the United States is the U.S. armed forces. Secondarily, there are 50 state-regulated militias as promulgated by the Second Amendment. The organized movement of militias can be counted by the number of gun owners in the United States and there is no obvious movement afoot.

  • Not at all

    No, there is not any type of organized militia in the US. If the need comes up though there can be one formes in a very fast rate of speed. We are all ready to stand up and fight if we need to, and we will do what it takes.

  • No, there is not.

    There are a bunch of small, loosely-gathered militias across the U.S., but it is by no means organized. I compare these groups to a slightly more sophisticated version of the bloods or crips, without the killing. And this isn't likely to change. They will rise and fall as they always have.

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