Is there another civil war on the horizon for America?

  • Strong chance for civil war

    Nigermania is at an all time high because ignorant brainwashed whites are conditioned to cater to black stupidity. I cant turn a channel without seeing a-nigger-a-minute, and considering blacks only make up13.7 percent of the us, its obvious the majority of the us is being propagandized with a black agenda through the media, government, hellywood, and education, black activists, and obamanation. Black lies
    matter. Not.

  • We are now just as bad, if not worse that the former USSR

    What the heck is going on in this country these days ?
    Freedom of speech ? Nah. Because if you say "the wrong words" it is considered a hate crime. There are cameras everywhere. Listening devices as well. We have gone backwards in time in certain respects.
    I guess what has topped off the list is......Why do we vote? We vote because our gov't (is supposed to be) of the people, by the people, and for the people.....Right? So, that being said, several states have voted Yes to Marijuana. I personally have never used it....I don't even care to. I voted yes on a ballet initiative for the legalization of "pot" so it can be taxed just like alcohol. Now, some ass named Sessions makes a statement that "good people don't smoke marijuana?" Get the hell out. Politicians are arrogant. They should all have term limits period. And when they are no longer in office, that free health care that they enjoy at "the peoples" expense? Well that is gone too..

  • Absolutely, a strong chance for civil war

    Never in American history has the nation faced a more arrogant, divisive and hostile President as they do today and his appointments have been extreme, at best. The current protestors are not out trying to convince anyone of anything. They are out to incite a movement of violence to oust this president and when his blind followers come to the streets to defend him then the largest cache of weapons on the planet will spill out and fighting will flare up from neighborhood to neighborhood across this land. Too many young adults have suffered financially the last 17 years and their frustrations are high and his bully tactics may just be the ingredient that cause the bomb to explode.

  • No, there is not going to be one any time soon.

    Most Americans are too complacent in what is happening for there to be a civil war in the near future. A war would take away from basic comforts and entertainment, such as television and the Internet, which sways people away from even large-scale protest. If the citizens are unable to come together for a successful peaceful protest, then there is no way a civil war is on the horizon.

  • There is not another civil war in the near future for America.

    Although there seems to be a lot of unrest in the United States lately, it is nothing new. There are always small factions of people that cry out for a revolution over one belief or another. Although these groups are heard through the media, they represent a small percentage of Americans.

  • Another civil war in America is not likely.

    People study history to learn from the past. In that vein, the United States has taken strides to implement laws and policies since the Civil War to prevent another one from happening. Although a handful of people in a few states may call for succession, the likelihood of any state ever actually succeeding is very minimal, and the likelihood that the government would resist efforts to do so, particularly if the state in question is not one of the most populated, are even less.

  • Constitutional strength prevents a new civil war.

    In order for a new civil war to occur, several states would have to succeed from the U.S. It is practically impossible constitutionally for any state to succeed. Even if a state managed to succeed, they would lose the protection of the federal government and much needed funds to sustain the state economically.

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