Is there any application for video games in the education system?

Asked by: Middle_Man
  • Interactivity and Enjoyment

    Students often times find themselves in dry and boring class structures. With simple games played in groups to stimulate cooperation. Why is it that so many students can fail a history class and be Lore experts on a RPG video game? The answer is simple the classes are boring and don't reward effort, rather they punish the lack there of. Video Games reward the time put into them, whether that be a new unlock or a level up, video games are increasingly more appealing to students than the dull lectures and dry games forced in the education system.
    If a company were to make a video game that was tailored to support education there should be no reason why a school shouldn't accept it. A video game could not only supply a virtual space for scores and improvement to be tracked but also a place for students to socially interact with other students that they can in turn meet in real life. A virtual world also gives schools a way to reward students for extra success. If a student can complete every challenge in an online video game run by the school he or he can get a special unlock that other average students wont get, this reward system would give more motivation to work harder. All of this would happen while the students are enjoying themselves.

  • Video games are great for education

    Yes video games are great for education. Video games are loved by many kids so it will be easy to get them to play them. If you add some educational value to each of the games then people can have fun and get educated at the same time. Schools have had computer rooms for a long time.

  • Some good examples

    I am not advocating playing GTA or CoD in school but there are some games Minecraft, Democracy, Civilization series that can enchance a childs school life, so I do think it could be reasonable, sidenote there are one or teo colleges that use portal in their physics lesson plan so yeah.

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