Is there any aspect of life in which a man should be seen as superior to a woman?

  • Yes there are some things

    No matter how hard we fight for equality there are some things that simply put a man is better at than a women. In the same regard there are things that women are better at that men. Keep in mind this is based on natural ability, it is possible through enough hard work to even out the playing field.

  • Yes, men are naturally physically stronger.

    Yes, there is an aspect of life in which man should be seen as superior to a woman, because it is proven that men are physically stronger than women. This is not to say that some women are not individually stronger than some men. It is simply to say that, out of the general population, looking only statistically, women are not as strong as men, and men can consider themselves superior.

  • There is not any aspect of life in which a man should be seen as superior to a woman.

    There is not any aspect of life in which a man should be seen as superior to a woman. Women have already proved themselves that they are as equal as a man. I can not think of any aspect in life in which a man should feel superior. Women can do any job that a man can do.

  • Men Only Needed to Procreate

    The only reason men and women are separate is because both are needed to continue the species. Women are equal to and superior to men in every way. Even better, women can do one thing that men can't do, which is carry a baby from conception to birth. The only thing men are good for is a genetic donor for said baby.

  • No, women should be considered equal.

    There are no exceptions in life where a man should be regarded as superior to a woman. We are both part of the human species and should be considered as equals. Women can do almost anything that a man can do. This is why a man should never be considered superior.

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Foodiesoul says2016-07-05T04:43:03.317
This question is sexist on so many levels! Men should not be treated superior to women! Men and women should be treated EQUALLY! What part of that do people not understand?!
Logicalthoughts1221 says2016-07-14T07:08:04.347
Foodiesoul, men are by far physically superior.
Foodiesoul says2016-07-14T22:55:05.437
@Logicalthoughts1221 NOPE, NOPE, NOPE, AND NOOOPE! You can't say that men are physically superior because that's sexist and inaccurate! Not all men are physically strong and not all women are mentally strong! You are only proof that sexism still exists and that humanity is full of sh*t!