Is there any chance for a third party to win the Election?

Asked by: Gamapo
  • There is always a chance

    If Americans ever want to vote for who they truly want, and then who they truly want is a third party candidate, then yes there is a definite chance.

    The issue here lies in our complacency in researching our candidates as a people. Polls that are required to get into the debates that are required to get serious recognition are often represented heavily by name recognition and third party candidates, though fighting tenaciously to get into the debates, just can't scrape up the funding required to pound their names into our American Skulls.

  • Just to many for Trump and Hillary

    To tell the truth, thats about all i got . . . . So . . . . I hate spammers as much as anyone . . . . . Sorry guys . . . . . . Only 11 more to go! Right? Welp! I'm sorry . . .

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