Is there any difference between a "comfort woman" and a woman forced into prostitution?

  • Yes, there is a difference a "comfort woman" and a woman forced into prostitution.

    Comfort women were housed in certain areas mainly for military men. Many of these women were promised their freedom as payment. Women that are forced into prostitution are done so for the benefit of a third party. They are forced to perform sexual favors so that another individual will receive payment for what they have done. Payment may be cash, drugs or stolen goods.

  • Comfort Women Were Forced Into Prostitution.

    Comfort women, by definition, were those who were forced into prostitution by the Imperial Japanese Army during World War Two. They were abducted for the purposes of meeting the "needs" of Japanese soldiers and boosting their morale. Comfort women is just a nicer way of talking about the horrific rape and sexual slavery of thousands of women during the war.

  • There is no difference

    Comfort women were forced into prostitution, so they are the same thing. The fact that they were forced to do so to "help" the armed services doesn't make them any less forced. When a government says you have to do something, that is even worse than being forced by a pimp or by bad circumstances.

  • They Are The Same Thing

    No. Being forced into sexual servitude anywhere is awful. There is no question that being forced into any act of sexual act without consent should be banned and outlawed to the highest degree. People of the world need to realize that by using these prostitutes or sexual slaves, we are allowing the culture to exist.

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