• Freewill: "the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one's own discretion."

    I'm not writing this opinion out of necessity, and it's not because of events that are out of my control or ones determined by a supernatural power. So, I'm writing this because I decided to. I can't change that I want to make this decision, but I could if I wanted to. Therefore, I abide by my rules, and am under my control, even if who I am and what I want is already determined by genes and life experiences, because they are still my own.

  • There is a circle of control.

    The circle of control are things you have power over, Your reactons, your actions. There is no "the devil made me do it" from where i am sitting. You are responsible for your actions. If you believe otherwise then why not just go rob banks or murder people?

    Some things you cant control are simple to find: other people, Weather, eye colour, hight.

  • There is free will

    Everything moves freely, even though things should never move - there is no empty space, resistance everythere. Density and the 4 forces affect how things can move but the movement itself is by free will.

    How can one thing move another thing? It's like thinking you can get wood from water, hair from grass. Things move by their own volition, affected/limited by density and the 4 forces

  • I hope so at least.

    I think that there might be a flaw the experiment that are generally used to argue against free will. They assume that people perception of making a decision and pushing the button (or other ways of showing that they have reached their decision) happen at the same time. Perhaps this is perception of simultaneity is an illusion created be the mind to compensate for difference in the time it takes for different parts of the brain to finish various tasks.

  • There is no evidence for free will.

    All the physical evidence suggests that we do not have free will. It seems are minds are made up before we ever make a decision on something. I have heard of no evidence for free will and have been doing research for a while now. The only evidence is empirical which shouldnt be trusted because look at all the other things our empirical evidence allows us to believe. People will believe in one out of thousands of gods where only one can be true because they were raised to believe it and all claim that their empirical evidence proves that their god is real while everyone else claims the same thing about their gods which cant be real if any of the others are real. Dont trust your perception because almost nothing is as it seems. Believing in free will is like believing that the world is full of colors while really the color you see is imposed on the world around you by your brain for survival. I am steffon reminding you to thin first and feel later. Advice that almost no one takes.

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steffon66 says2015-08-22T00:06:48.697
So far not one person has provided any evidence for free will. Everyone who said yes without being able to provide us with any evidence is really stupid but this kind of stupidity which is caused by blinding emotions that should be ignored is to be expected by most humans. Its not your fault your stupid but its not mine either.
steffon66 says2015-08-22T00:28:57.870
Let me tell you about one piece of evidence that we do have. Any will probably do as you have no evidence for free will while i have a lot of evidence against it. Particles and atoms behave in probabilistic way and our minds are made up of atoms and particles. So how the f can we have free will?