• The complexity of the Universe

    I believe that God exists because of the complexity of the universe. For instance, The earth is in the exact orbit it needs to be to sustain life. This orbit is the result of gravitational pulls affected by the sun and other planets. In fact, If the earth were closer or farther from the sun we would not exist. Another example is the human eye. Even Charles Darwin admitted that the complexity of this organism can give proof of an intelligent designer. It is hard to believe that the millions of complex natural forces, Systems and machines are here because of a series of random processes.

  • Because the universe exists and the god is the creator of the universe, Thus god exists

    Because the universe exists and the god is the creator of the universe, Thus god exists because the universe exists and the god is the creator of the universe, Thus god exists because the universe exists and the god is the creator of the universe, Thus god exists because the universe exists and the god is the creator of the universe, Thus god exists because the universe exists and the god is the creator of the universe, Thus god exists because the universe exists and the god is the creator of the universe, Thus god exists because the universe exists and the god is the creator of the universe, Thus god exists because the universe exists and the god is the creator of the universe, Thus god exists because the universe exists and the god is the creator of the universe, Thus god exists because the universe exists and the god is the creator of the universe, Thus god exists because the universe exists and the god is the creator of the universe, Thus god exists

  • The Bible Contains Bible Prophecy

    Refer to this video:
    https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=3t7fCLgFjuo&list=PLZ3iRMLYFlHuhA0RPKZFHVcjIMN_-F596&index=3&t=0s

    Mike makes the case (better than I can) that God has spoken as evidenced by fulfilled prophecy. Actually predicting the future, We can all agree, Cannot come from the mind of man. Don't give in to atheism. Call on the Lord Jesus and repent from your sins; fear God.

  • No aliens prove god

    Aliens havent been proven so. . .

    TAKEN from taking back astronomy for the Lord

    The idea of extraterrestrial life stems largely from a belief in evolutionism. Recall that in the evolution view, The earth is “just another planet”—one where the conditions just happened to be right for life to form and evolve. If there are countless billions of other planets in our galaxy, Then surely at least a handful of these worlds have also had the right conditions. Extraterrestrial life is almost inevitable in an evolutionary worldview.

    However, The notion of alien life does not square well with Scripture. As previously discussed, The earth is unique. It is the earth that was designed for life (Isaiah 45:18), Not the heavens. The other planets have an entirely different purpose than does the earth, And thus they are designed differently. In Genesis 1, We read that God created plants on the earth on day 3, Birds to fly in the atmosphere and marine life to swim in the ocean on day 5, And animals to inhabit the land on day 6. Human beings are also made on day 6 and are given dominion over the animals, But where does the Bible discuss the creation of life on the “lights in the expanse of the heavens? ” There is no such description, Because the lights in the expanse were not designed to accommodate life. God gave care of the earth to man, But the heavens are the Lord’s (Psalms 115:16). From a biblical perspective, Extraterrestrial life does not seem reasonable.

    Imaginative artwork depicting alien life-forms.

    Imaginative artwork depicting alien life-forms.

    Problems are multiplied when we consider the possibility of intelligent alien life. Science fiction programming abounds with “races” of people who evolved on other worlds. We see examples of “Vulcans” and “Klingons”—pseudo-humans similar to us in most respects but different in others.

    As a plot device, These races allow the exploration of the human condition from the perspective of an outsider. Although very entertaining, Such alien races are theologically problematic. Intelligent alien beings cannot be redeemed! God’s plan of redemption is for human beings: those descended from Adam. Let us examine the conflict between the salvation message, And the notion of alien life.

  • Look Around You

    What created the condensed matter which expanded multiple times in the Big Bang? Once the planets were formed, How was Earth the right distance from the Sun? Finally, How did the right concentrations of Oxygen and Nitrogen combine to form our atmosphere? Answer: It's too random to happen by chance. God created everything from the tiniest atom to the largest galaxy.

  • In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, And the Word was God.

    From whatever your point of view is, Be it a scientific one or spiritual one, That which gave the instruction for things to be or be there is God. I find alien life theorists and the bible to be referencing the same thing in their findings and beliefs of who God is. God is a superior being. No one know God's form because if he wanted people to know they would, That people don't know is because a force superior just don't want you to know. That you have limitations and don't know is not by chance, Someone made it that way and that's God.

  • You and I and the air we breath

    You didn’t come from a blob, You were wonderfully and fearlessly created in your mother’s womb by an intelligent loving and jealous G0D, He designed that Every cell of you has all of your personal information, To create, Replenish and repair you. . . . G-D made other animals in their kind not in their species, We create species through breeding. G-D made a perfect world for us that sin has distroyed and brought us pain and death. Through his sacrifice of himself -Jesus he has paid for us and created a way to come home to his perfect Heavenly Kingdom when he choses is to join him for eternity a place with no time.

  • God is everywhere

    If there are people who believe in negatives evils and spirits then they will not deny my fact. But what for atheists? What makes their hearts pound like others
    Being a science student I can argue it is their muscles. . . Ultimately everything is in the hands of a super power invisible to us. . What if God showed up to us. Then no one would believe him to be God. He is and he will be here there and everywher

  • God will not save you or listen to you.

    God it but a word.
    Before God, It was called Yod,
    and before Yod, It was called yahweh,
    and before yahweh, It was a very, Very, Very long word and when it was pronouced, The sound and vibration from the word god created the universe as you see it today which is eternal, And then the divine entered and created life. There is no god looking down on you.
    There is the Lords words, There is a christ, There is a satan, There is our father in heaven, But no god looking down on you.
    You children of men who think god is some holy thing which looks over you are so wrong. If you truly understood the instruction books of life, You would know this, But having a brain of a child, You do not understand. For the last men in this world died at the end of the bronze age and this iron age only produces children of men. This is why people in this age are small and act so stupid and never put away their toys. Always playing dancing, Drinking, And fornicating causing a short life, To then enter a lower life form in the next life. .
    Until you fully understand you can never enter the kingdom of heaven. You will always be child like until we enter the golden age, Then all life forms will muture and the light will open the minds of the humans, And they will see the true purpose of life.
    So yes god exits, But not as some divine spirit. We are made from the word god, For if the word was not pronouced, We would not exit in this form. And before the word God was pronouced, The Divine Spirit lived a eternal life of boredom, So a plan was hatched and here we are :)

  • God exists, But not as some cosmic entity

    If we search for some cosmic entity, We will never find God. If we search for some cosmic force that, For instance, Makes a bird poop on someone’s head after lying, We won’t find God. If we tell ourselves that if there is a God, It would have to be responsible for letting evil and natural disasters exist in the world, We will conclude that there is no God. However, Why do we feel good when we give a gift or compliment? Why do we feel bad when we hurt someone or be rude? I believe that these feelings are God’s way of rewarding or punishing us and letting us know what our mission is as human beings. Now of course guilt won’t stop some people from doing bad things, But that is their fault that they chose to keep doing those things, Not God’s. I don’t think God is connected to the physical world and therefore can’t just stop people from doing bad things by using physical force. That would also explain natural disasters. Natural disasters are just science, And it’s not like God could just redirect a hurricane, For example. However, I believe that God still does react to natural disasters by making people feel compelled to help and donate.

  • There is no scientific evidence for god

    People don't seem to understand what evidence is, The bible is not evidence, A personal experience is not evidence, In order for something to be evidence, It needs to be potentially falsifiable so it can be in accordant with new evidence, All the people over on pro are just making unsupported assertions and cringingly specific conclusions off logical fallacy's

  • Not that I'm aware of.

    To the best of my knowledge, And based on everything that I've seen and heard, There is no evidence for any God or gods. I suppose this does not mean that it doesn't exist, But I have no reason to believe that it does, Because none has been presented. However, My mind is open, And willing to hear anything that anyone thinks may be evidence. If I accept it, I will admit it, If I don't, I will explain why.

  • No evidence exists.

    From what I've heard from people who believe in God, I don't believe there is any evidence to support the claim that God exists. But before giving evidence of God, Some questions need to be considered.

    - What is a god?
    - How do you tell the difference between a god and something that is not a god?

    Before presenting evidence for God, You have to define what a god is and I have yet to hear a valid explanation. I've hear things like the following:

    - God is a supreme being who created the universe.
    My answer to that is what is a supreme being and how did he create the universe? Can an example be provided?

    - God is the creator of all things
    How did he create all things?

    - God is everything
    Isn't that pantheism?

    - God is a spiritual being that cannot be explained by science
    What does it mean for something to be spiritual?

    - God exists in those who believe?
    So does that mean that pagan gods or the ancient greek gods or the Hindu gods exist in those who believe?

    I'm always willing to hear what people have to say about there beliefs and why they believe what they believe. But I have to yet to accept that there is any evidence to support the claim that God exists. Therefore, I see no reason to believe in God.

  • No there is not

    Ok, The universe is complex is not an answer. That's an observation. I could say this cereal box is complex thus bigfoot made it but that doesn't make it true. Also, There are a lot of statements without evidence. I could say bigfoot exists but that doesn't make it true.

  • Scientifically speaking, There is no true evidence for God

    Let's say that there was a dark closet, And you started hearing dark and strange noises coming from that closet. Then suddenly the closet says to stick your hand inside of it because it is friendly and does not lie, You have no evidence that what it says is true and by appearance you can tell something is clearly off. Do you trust the flawed closet and stick your hand in despite common sense?

    Most people, When asked this question, Would probably say no. So why would you trust to devote part of your life to something that you aren't even certain will help you in any way shape or form?

  • Your arguments are bad.

    One argument that people keep using is the fact that life exists. You point out that Earth is the exact right distance from the sun to support life, And you say that this is because of a act of god. This is not valid logic. Think about how many planets there are in the galaxy. Of all of these planets, Only ours is known to have life. Thus, Any life that exists must observe conditions that make life possible, Because if these conditions did not exist, Then there would be no life to observe the conditions. This principle is called the Weak Anthropic principle, And it is very well known.

  • If there is a God there is no reason he created a universe.

    Of course the statement itself is debatable on whether god actually would or not create a universe just for fun.

    But so far, After observing historic events and the world, I can confidently tell you that there is a higher chance of no God existing than there is a God that actually exist.

    There are simply too many mistake us human kind have made for a Kind and caring god (Jesus) to exist. I mean all those disease and suffering sometimes committed by our self (massacre), Could God really want that to happen?

    If he created a universe for human, Why not also fix it for human? Why not just make mankind Pacifist and Intelligent!

  • There is no evidence

    All supposed "evidence" brought forth by the religious falls in one of the following category's without exception.

    *Deliberately misrepresents information to suit their specific belief.
    *Uses vague terminology to allow for goalpost shifting.
    *Negative arguments and relating which are not testable/falsifiable.
    *Commits number of logical fallacy's and plain leaps in logic.
    *Unsupported assertions and ridiculous conclusion.

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