Is there any evidence to support the existence of Jesus Christ

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  • If you would read the Bible then you would see.

    Some people say that the bible is a random book that some person wrote and that it is all fake. However the bible is like the constitution of the United States in the way that they are both historical documents. If the Bible is fake and God is not real then why are so many people in the world going to church to praise his name and learn more about him?

  • A man named Jesus.

    Outside of Christians, There is evidence that a man named Jesus Christ did exist as he is mentioned in both Jewish and Roman documents of that time. Tho they do point that a man named Jesus did exist but they only mention tales of his great ability with no statements that he had some supernatural power(s). Basically they only state how his (Christ's) people claim he had powers and not that they witnessed it.
    Arthur C. Clarke once said “Magic's just science that we don't understand yet. ” At the time of Christ, Scientific knowledge was limited to very few people such as nobles and religions leaders. Clergies often used science to make people believe that their faith could do miracles. The bible even mentions how young Jesus would often speak with religious leaders so there is good probability that he gained much of their knowledge in science as a result. Is there any wonder why he was known to heal people? Performing acts of science would likely convince the ignorant people that he had some supernatural ability. Between that and how some may exaggerate things, It's no wonder people were convinced of his great power.

    On a side note:
    If we look at people associated with Jesus's birth (the three wise-men), We know they associated with astronomy. Being close subject of a king, They too would have knowledge of science so the name (wise-men) is quite fitting. Thing is, We also know them by another name. Magi. Obviously that name is in close relationship with the word Magic. One problem that religions had was keeping sciences a secret. No matter if the religions got the knowledge from others or others got the knowledge from them, There were people outside the religion that practiced science. Obviously they couldn't tell people that what these people were doing was not supernatural because that would give themselves away as well. What did they do? The demonized them by claiming that they were using the powers of demons and not god. For instance, If someone was making medicine to cure people outside the religion, They would just demonize them as being a witch and you know what they did with witches back then.

  • Atheist personalities are like steaming shitholes.

    No matter how much you try to wipe them with the truth, They still keep spitting out more angry little turd nuggets on anonymous forum boards. Very brown noise.

    Christians under Jesus Christ may not be a threat to you, But guess what you stupid fucks: You've opened the Floodgates for Islam to come in and kick your ass. If they can take out the Notre Dame Cathedral and get away with that scot-free, Just imagine what they can do to all of the idols that you pussies hold sacred.

    We'll do our thing, Turn the other cheek and all that jazz - but we'll pray for you while the descendants of the people we fought the f***ing crusades against to defend your ancestors are now mercilessly hacking you and your ilk to pieces. It's not going to be a happy day, But fuck you for betraying us for the devil.

  • Jesus is alive!

    No-one has proof that Jesus existed, All we have to do is fully believe that he died on the cross to take away our sins. People say the bible is not true because it was written by man, Well so are all the other religions as well as evolution. If God didn't create us, Then who did?
    There are also many ways God shows his love toward us.

  • Non-Biblical Historical accounts

    CORNELIUS TACITUS (born AD 52-54)
    A Roman historian, In 112 AD, Governor of Asia, Son-in-law of Julius Agricola who was
    Governor of Britain AD 80-84. Writing of the reign of Nero, Tacitus alludes to the death of Christ
    and to the existence of Christians at Rome:
    "But not all the relief that could come from man, Not all the bounties that the prince could
    bestow, Nor all the atonements which could be presented to the gods, Availed to relieve Nero
    from the infamy of being believed to have ordered the conflagration, The fire of Rome. Hence to
    suppress the rumor, He falsely charged with the guilt, And punished with the most exquisite
    tortures, The persons commonly called Christians, Who were hated for their enormities. Christus,
    the founder of the name, Was put to death by Pontius Pilate, Procurator of Judea in the reign of
    Tiberius: but the pernicious superstition, Repressed for a time broke out again, Not only through
    Judea, Where the mischief originated, But through the city of Rome also. " Annals XV. 44
    Tacitus has a further reference to Christianity in a fragment of his Histories, Dealing with the
    burning of the Jerusalem temple in AD 70, Preserved by Sulpicius Severus (Chron. Ii. 30. 6).

  • There is evidence for Jesus's existence.

    There is evidence for Jesus's existence. Also, The vast majority of scholars don't doubt the existence of Jesus. And, The only people who do, Are people who don't have academic careers (E. G Richard Carrier. ) So, Meaning that yes, There is evidence Jesus's existence. And, That's about it. Change my mind.

  • There is no credible evidence for the existence of Christ

    If we are to look at the Historical Jesus vs the Mythical Jesus we find that like so many of the other Myths of that era the stories were told they were written about but there is no actual evidence to support them.
    The period in which the Gospel of Mark was written is well known among scholars of ancient literature as an era of allegorical writing. Allegory is defined as follows:
    Allegory is a form of extended metaphor, In which objects, Persons, And actions in a narrative, Are equated with the meanings that lie outside the narrative itself. The underlying meaning has moral, Social, Religious, Or political significance, And characters are often personifications of abstract ideas as charity, Greed, Or envy.
    In essence, An allegory is a symbolic narrative. Allegorical writing was prominent in the Greek speaking world from about the 5th century BCE onward, But there was a particular revival of allegorical writing in the 1st century CE among both Jews and Neo-Platonic Greeks and Romans. Indeed the Jewish writer Philo wrote about symbolic and allegorical interpretation of the Hebrew scriptures shortly before Paul began writing his first letters about Jesus. If we look at how the Scriptures are written vs historical accounts it is easy to see that they are allegorical fictions.
    The big problem with the Christ story from a historical perspective is that outside of these allegories there is nothing mentioned in Greek, Hebrew or roman literature during the time that this Christ was supposed to have lived by any of the historians or scribes.

  • No evidence of Christ, My fellow goyim.

    Jesus Christ was an evil man that is now rotting in a vat of human waste in Hell. He tried to bring his fellow Pharisee Jews into Roman establishment. Assimilation for us Jews is the extinction of our tribe. Jesus did not want us to vie for control of the empire, Instead he wanted us to mix with the Roman people. Well, Guess what? Now we're promotion miscegenation among Whites with immigrants from every third world country for being staunchly Christian in culture. This is our Rabbinic revenge against gentiles. We also push White Christians to fight against our enemies and to defend Israel's borders. Christians truly are none the wiser. We buy your politicians and have them reelected if they're Zionist in nature. Enjoy the ride fellow goyim.

  • Not really if you think about it

    There is no real proof for anyone, Even Christians. There is the bible of course, But who can really say how accurate that is. I'm not saying there isn't God. I'm just saying that if you're religious than you don't need proof, You just need to have faith that he's there and believe in him.

  • Things just don't match

    God is claimed to know everyone by heart. If he knew me well enough, He would've known that stories in a book simply isn't enough proof for me to believe that it was true.

    I can write a book now of how damn epic I am and that I can make pigs fly, And 2000 years later, Someone can pick it up and start truly believing in it- it still doens't make it true.

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Praise Jesus!

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