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Posted by: Maximalist1

You have to be open to it.

  It states clearly in the Bible that the evidence for God is in his creations. The only problem, though, is that many are not willing to be open to God. This is just as bad as atheists stating that Christians are ignorant for ignoring a material world (which, by the way, not all of us do...) If you're going to close yourself off to the possibility, you might as well forget the question as a whole. You won't find your answer unless you truly search for yourself, not rely on science to show you.
paul_g says2014-02-22T02:40:58.407
I have not closed myself to anything, but I find the bible is taken too literally. I have never argued against the existence of some form of god because even though it is scientifically highly unlikely we technically can't prove it. However, the bible itself can be strongly argued against through logic and science. A lot of Christians are ignorant of the material world because they fail to see this.
KaileyFox says2014-02-22T06:09:50.723
Then explain why there are scientists in this world that are also Christians. Are they ignorant to the material world as well?
paul_g says2014-02-23T08:49:44.167
Particular parts of the material world yes...
But like I said, I am not saying there is no god, just that we should agree the bible is not 100% accurate and infallible.
KaileyFox says2014-02-23T09:42:24.320
You can decide that for yourself. But until there's evidence that clearly shows,100% that certain events in the Bible didn't take place, I will continue to believe them, as they are my beliefs.
paul_g says2014-02-27T07:36:11.163
There are numerous studies and facts that suggest some of the events did not take place or are inaccurate.
KaileyFox says2014-02-27T08:28:42.917
Really? Links for that evidence?
paul_g says2014-03-01T00:37:30.977
Ummm... Most of genesis to start with. The overwhelming majority of Scientist don't agree with its theory.
KaileyFox says2014-03-01T02:48:17.803
That doesn't make it untrue. Also, the 'overwhelming majority of scientists' does not mean all, and further, the majority isn't always right. I know a guy who's a quantum physicist who believes in God because of science. Don't know about you, but that seems to contradict the whole 'Christians are ignorant and their sacred book is full of lies' bit.

You know why this sort of atheist-theist debate is still going on? Because neither side can neither prove nor disprove God. I believe in God. I don't need evidence for him. He's my belief. You don't need evidence for your lack of belief. End of story.
paul_g says2014-03-01T23:23:46.687
I think your confusing me with someone else. I have already stated "we technically can't prove " that a god does not exist (so I remain open minded). I have never stated there is not a god, just that there are some parts to the Bible that should be taken less literally. I know not all Christians are ignorant, but lot of them to chose to ignore scientific facts because it goes against their religion.
And I never said the Bible is "full of lies" because I do not believe that is true.
I was raised religious which is why I will always keep an open mind about the existence of a god until it is definitively proven or disproved (which I don't think it will). That being said, I don't ignore the factual evidence that science has given us.
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