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Posted by: Maximalist1

Of course there is

  There is plenty of evidence. Only the inability of atheists to recognise and respond to it. If we look at all the arguments for God's existence - we see the Cosmological, Teleological, Moral, Ontological, miracles, religious experience, from quantum mechanics, introspection, fine-tuning, mathematical... There are so many arguments that theists have formulated. Atheists need to respond to the evidence we provide, if they are to say that there is no evidence for God.
DudeStop says2014-02-21T11:13:01.323
We have... All those arguments are weak and can be used against you.
tcpanter says2014-02-21T12:22:55.073
If you havent heard the refutations to each of those arguments than you havent really done your research. That makes your oppinions a little difficult to accept.
Nzrsaa says2014-02-21T14:13:25.333
The refutations are terrible.
DudeStop says2014-02-21T14:49:14.130
Tell me your argument.
DudeStop says2014-02-21T14:51:48.910
I'll bet the refutation is10 times better.
Nzrsaa says2014-02-21T16:13:15.170
Challenge me to a debate if you want
pastorrexiteke.com says2014-02-21T16:52:12.100
Well said Nzrsaa
missmedic says2014-02-21T17:21:52.967
Sciences are used to explain the natural world, not the supernatural. The supernatural world only exists in the superstitious minds of believers. So don't claim that science explains irrational superstitions it does not because next you will be claiming that religion explains science. Ask your self this, is it better to pretend to know an answer to something we don't actually know, or is it better to simply be honest and say " I don't know" ?
Nzrsaa says2014-02-21T19:53:34.660
Missmedic, science definitely supports religion. Take the Kalam Cosmological argument. The first 2 premises are supported - if not proved - by scientific, empirical evidence. However, they lead to a theological conclusion - the universe has a cause.
So science can support premises in an argument that lead to a conclusion with theological significance.
missmedic says2014-02-21T20:50:21.353
Any intellectually honest person will admit that he does not know why the universe exists. Scientists, of course, readily admit there ignorance on this point. Religious believers do not. Wish full thinking will not make it true.
Ozzyhead says2014-02-26T18:50:04.933
If there is any evidence of God, not even proof, just evidence, please write an article about it, have in peer reviewed by scientists, have it published, and go collect your Nobel Prize. Scientists are not atheists by choice, they are atheists because people have failed to present the evidence. You can change their minds, but you have to have the evidence. You only need a little bit, then they will take your work and work off of it and find the answer.
missmedic says2014-02-26T19:30:56.197
I have never seen anything that can be called the science of religion. And faith is pretending to know things you don't know. If one had sufficient evidence to warrant belief in a particular claim, then one wouldn’t believe the claim on the basis of faith. “Faith” is the word one uses when one does not have enough evidence to justify holding a belief, but when one just goes ahead and believes anyway.
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