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Posted by: Maximalist1

No there is none.

  I wish there was, as I am tired of asking theists for the so called factual evidence that they have. Then after multiple back and forth it comes down to the simple fact that that said theist was not understanding either the science or does no understand what evidence is.
SweetTea says2014-02-21T15:03:18.857
Why do atheists pursue the topic, if they truly feel there is no God? Are you trying to convert people? Or, maybe, you just aren't as solid in your beliefs as you think you are.
iamanatheistandthisiswhy says2014-02-21T15:11:57.527
@SweetTea: When someone makes a claim I want them to support said claim with factual evidence, especially when they say they have said proof. When they cant I get irritated as they are either ignorant (which is ok) or a liar (which is not).

Atheists don't search, theists shove it in our face. I.e. Gay marriage is wrong because god said so. Hence prove god. It a bold claim
SweetTea says2014-02-21T15:28:37.083
When religion is a personal experience, how do you suggest sharing that? I have personally experienced prayers answered, etc. I can share that, verbally, after the fact. Anyone who knew me & the circumstances at that time is certainly a witness to their validity.

I'm not calling you a liar, or ignorant. If I offended you, I am sorry. But ... It really amuses me that atheists claim they are tired of religious subjects. Yet, they continue to create religious polls, opinions, forums, etc. If you, or any other atheist, was truly "tired"; why not move on?

The religious definition of marriage is between a man & a woman. The civil definition of marriage includes Gay couples. God is not preventing Gays from marriage. Perhaps, Gays are apprehensive about that step? God is merely their excuse. If they want to be married, then go down to City Hall & get hitched. Every heterosexual couple in America has to obtain a marriage license, prior to a church ceremony. Why? They aren't legally married without it. And many Straight couples marry at City Hall!

Now, since you are being so bold, I offer this ... Prove that God doesn't exist!
iamanatheistandthisiswhy says2014-02-21T15:33:40.330
Which God?

The reason that atheists do not let it go is because it affects there lives. The example of homosexual marriage equality. Which is not legal and real is great. You will agree it took a long time? And that just one of the issues. Now how about tax exempt status removal for churches/mosques/synagogues etc?
SweetTea says2014-02-21T15:52:18.320
Any God, hon! Go for it! Take your pick. I don't want to restrain you from making your point. Prove that there are NO dieties!

Homosexuals have the right to marry. That IS equality. Surely, you don't expect religions to change doctrine so Gays will feel better about themselves? My parents were both Christians -- one Baptist & one Catholic. In 1952, they were repeatedly turned down by both churches. Neither wanted to marry them! Divorced couples suffered the same dilemma, for decades. In 1982, the Catholic church didn't care that I married a Protestant. Imagine that! Today, divorced couples marry inside the church. But, to my knowledge, no church doctrine has actually "changed". Time just has a way of moving ideas forward. And, in time, Gays will probably marry in the church. BUT ... Don't hold your breath for doctrine to change! Just last Sunday, my pastor sat down hard on divorce. Obviously, the church still has issues with it!

Taxes? Really? Good gracious, you are jumping around. Do you object to charities [as a whole] getting tax exempt status? Or do you just object to churches/mosques/synagogues? If it is the latter, then your opinion says far more about you than the issue of tax exemption!
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