Is there any factual evidence that God exists?

Asked by: Maximalist1
  • I know He exists because He lives within me

    I experience God's guiding peace and love every single second of my life since He mercifully opened my eyes. He ultimately died for my sins on the cross. Each day He shows me a miracle beyond coincidence that moves me to love tears. It will cost you your pride to get closer to allowing God. God respects your dignity and right to oppress and hate Him and love your sins instead. The issue is your will not your reason.

  • Yes there is

    There is a lot of proof of G-d, I would post the link, but it doesn't work when I post it, so go to YouTube, look up "Dr Ben Carson Evolution", then go to these links that do work:



    So watch them, if you don't, oh well, it's not like it affects my life in any way.

  • There is plenty of evidence for God's existence,

    The universe did not just appear no matter what any scientist says if I told you that if you wait millions of years then a car would appear in your garage then you would think me crazy. Why is this allowed for the creation of the universe? Everyone has some sense of morality once reaching a certain age which nature does not provide but God does. Carbon dating is highly inaccurate which means it is not reliable the Bible has reports of seeing angels, God in his projected (not true) form, and evidence of Jesus as savior and his resurrection and miracles. The universe is fine tuned to work which is more evidence. If the earth were one inch closer or further to the sun our planet could not support life. The Bible has talked about many Prophecies which have come to pass and some which have yet to pass. People who have hardened their hearts to the Lord will not want to believe this because of pride and their love of sin. If they tell themselves God and Jesus does not exist then they feel better about themselves and their actions. I am not saying that Christians do not sin I am saying we accept this fact and repent of it and ask for forgiveness from the Lord. My God is not hidden he has made himself known through all of creation. DNA is very complex which points to a creator. It is the Devil who attempts to deceive people as to take them with him to hell. But it is the Lord who became human for us as to die on the cross for our sin. John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life". He gives all the free will to choose for him or against him.

  • You have to be open to it.

    It states clearly in the Bible that the evidence for God is in his creations. The only problem, though, is that many are not willing to be open to God. This is just as bad as atheists stating that Christians are ignorant for ignoring a material world (which, by the way, not all of us do...) If you're going to close yourself off to the possibility, you might as well forget the question as a whole. You won't find your answer unless you truly search for yourself, not rely on science to show you.

  • There is plenty of factual evidence

    It is a fact that the universe exists. It is also a fact that the universe had a beginning. If the universe exists and had a beginning then there must be creator.

    It is a fact that the universe is fine tuned. If it is a fact that the universe is fine tuned then one can deduce a fine tuner.

    It is a fact that objective morals exist. If it is a fact that objective morals exist then one can deduce a moral giver.

    That facts around us leads us to infer a great creator. Blessed be His name.

  • God is real!

    God exists, i can prove this by saying that the bible, the christian holy book, has predicted many events in history such as the american revolution, or the 100 year war. The bible is gods book and the bible has predicted many things in history so god is real.

  • The soul, as proved to exist by neuropsychologists

    If we all have souls then there it is perfectly logical there is a greater soul beyond everything which is what everyone means by God.

    This is a very edgy post though, almost cut myself there. I suspect there will be plenty of references to flying spaghetti monsters in OP's opinion.

  • Yes God exists and search for the evidence i gave you,

    Me as a Muslim i know god exists because of many reasons, Quran was our proof and my proof; In Quran there's many many evidences like:
    -Two seas meet but not mixed
    -earth is made of 7 layers was mentioned too, imagine an old book which is Quran said that, it was confirmed by scientists.
    The same Quran that has many proofs about things around us we say it's not true until scientists discover it and we tell them it was In Quran for more than 1400 years, it was wrote that GOD "Allah" exists.

  • Of course there is

    There is plenty of evidence. Only the inability of atheists to recognise and respond to it.
    If we look at all the arguments for God's existence - we see the Cosmological, Teleological, Moral, Ontological, miracles, religious experience, from quantum mechanics, introspection, fine-tuning, mathematical... There are so many arguments that theists have formulated.
    Atheists need to respond to the evidence we provide, if they are to say that there is no evidence for God.

  • Where do I start?

    Since the Big Bang remains a "theory" and not "Scientific Law", it is just as likely that God created the universe!

    We know through historical proof that Christ existed. Christ stated that "I and my Father are one" (John 10:30). What does that mean? Is Christ saying that they are related to each other? Perhaps. Is he saying that both are Divine? Maybe. Or is he saying that they are literally one? Hmmm.

    Miracles, that were witnessed by thousands, came after God was asked to intervene, i.e. read the Book of Exodus. Coincidence? Not hardly.

    Consider the Great Flood of the Bible. Noah insisted that God instructed him to build an ark (Genesis 6:14-18). People thought Noah was crazy. Then, it started to rain. Recently, the National Geographic channel did a documentary on this subject. And they found dramatic evidence that such a flood did occur. Did it literally consume the entire world? No proof of that, but ... There was plenty of evidence to prove that it consumed the region that those [living at the time] would have known as the world. While the search for remnants of the ark continue, we are left to assume that Noah had communication with God. And that his experience has transcended many ages and religions.

    Believers and even non-believers have, in desperate times, called upon God. Their prayers were answered. How do you explain that? A Believer will tell you that God is real & present. Are all prayers answered? Not always. But that involves a different topic: The Will of God.

    Last but not least, prove to me that God doesn't exist. What is your basis? You see, I have had a sick child at death's door ... Prayed for a miracle ... And even his doctor's told me they couldn't medically explain his recovery. I've had personally healing through prayer that felt as if my body was on fire. Believers call it "Laying of hands". All I know is that the tests that were made before it happened looked nothing like the tests that were taken afterward. It too left doctors scratching their heads ... The mass was gone. You want proof ... Be careful what you wish for. Thomas also wanted proof and it was provided (John 20:24-29). Believers KNOW that God exists, because they have had the opportunity to see Him work. They DON'T need anything else!

  • Giving finite qualities to absolute beings.

    If God is perfect than you can't give qualities of humans to him..It..She..Whatever. It lies out of our realm of comprehension. It says so in almost all religious texts that I've read anyway. Also specifically in the bible it says that man is not perfect. None of us are good. Somewhere in Romans. Maybe ch. 10? So if we were made in gods image than that would mean we were made by an imperfect God. After all yea Adam ate of the fruit which let sin in. But it didn't come in until he ate of the fruit. Feel me here? There wasn't sin before that. So how could Adam defy Gods will...Because that would be a sin...Also...If God is omnipotent and omni present..Omni powereful whatever...It's generally agreed there is no power outside of gods control. Which means Satan as well. Technically that makes them the same being. Since God did create Lucifer. He was an Angel until he sinned..In heaven....Perfect...Sinless...Heaven...He sinned by defying the creator of everything in his own house....Hmmm...Idk..Of you look at it logically then you can see it for what it is. Its all just energy man. Just spend your life living and realize that whoever is right or wrong there is absolutely nothing any of us will ever be able to do to change the fact that after death is completely out of our control.

  • We believe the sun will rise because we see it do so EVERYDAY. We believe we will wake up because we do it everyday!

    There is no proof besides what is written. People wrote that Christopher Columbus discovered America and we all know how true that is. Lies are written and myths are told everyday. That does not make it real or believable. People believe in marriage vows...Until they get cheated on or find out their spouse is evil. People believe their children are good until they commit a horrible crime. A belief is nothing more than an emotional and psychological attachment. Especially when you've been brainwashed and/or raised to believe it.

  • Absolutely Not! All evidence from Apologists is Subjective:

    There is not, nor will there ever likely be any confirming, substantiating evidence for a God. Believers point to all types of unsubstantiated nonsense as evidence, but it is all either Subjective or Semantics, but nothing validated as empirical evidence.
    The Fine Tuning Of The Universe nonsense is false, scientists know full well it is not fine tuned for life on Earth or any other planet. There are likely thousands of planets in the universe that support some form of life.
    Life is an accidental combination of particles that just happen to have the right properties for life, and these properties/energy was a chaotic derivative of the Big Bang.

  • No there is not.

    There is no factual eventide to support that a diety exists. There is much evidence for the Big Bang Theory or Evolution, but there is no evidence to support the bible. There is even evidence that disproves the bible. (Such as archaeologists finding that camels appeared in Egypt after the events of the bible, even though in thee bible they are said to be used as pack animals)

    The only reason that people even believe in a deity is because of indoctrination or because they are ignorant.

  • No there isn't, and YES there needs to be!

    You need evidence for your beliefs, especially those in the supernatural, else anything can be justified (i.E. If god is the master of the universe, you can't NOT listen -I'd listen, if there were a god, and damn all you puny mortals who don't like it...).

    The factual knowledge we have about the sun rising and the engineered integrity of planes are all based only repeatable, verifiable tests. Not just saying "Ohp, well, it works and we don't know why!"

    Until a deity can worm their way out of the following, they're basically self-imposing retardation upon themselves, and abusing their children by indoctrinating them:

    In what objective way is the question of a god's existence ANY different from the question of a werewolf's existence, or the proverbial flying spagehtti monster's? What JUSTIFIABLE reason exempts any god from the standards of evidence you surely have for these other two imaginary creatures? (I believe it, my mom told me, etc. are not justifiable reasons).

  • I don't know how anybody can think there is.

    I have the utmost respect for people of all religions (provided they use their religion for love and harmony instead of condemnation and division) but I think it's objectively true that there is no factual scientific evidence for God's existence. You clearly can't use the Bible as a source of proof (because you would be saying that the Bible is true because the Bible says so).

    Of course, there are things that science cannot, and for many years will not, explain, but that doesn't make God the logical fallback. If that was the case, the contenders for "creator of the universe" would have to include deities of ALL religions. After all, why is the Christian God more likely to exist than Zeus, Odin, or Anubis?

    It is alright to believe whatever religion you want, but recognize that it is a matter of faith, not science. Faith is used when you cannot prove your belief. I respect religion but it is objectively wrong to believe that you can factually prove the existence of God. Or at the very least, no human has been able to offer such proof.

  • No there's not

    Jesus Christ existed as a mortal man long ago. There is evidence that he lived and was killed on the cross. There is no evidence however, that he came back to life and did all sorts of magical things. God has never been seen or heard officially by a trusted source that is for sure proof that he or it or whatever exists.

  • There is no evidence, but why do you need there to be?

    As humans, we need to SEE to believe. But in this case, there is nothing to see. But the biggest question that is unanswered is; what is out there? And how did we get there? And maybe we will never know. But for any religion, there really is nothing that you can see. You can not use the bible as proof either, because man wrote the bible. There is not a trusted source that God does exist, but that doesn't mean people can't believe. I believe in God, even though I know there's no evidence to prove him. But the truth of the matter is, there is no evidence.

  • Only coincidence and human perception

    There is no physical or factual evidence to sugest that God really exists. There are aspects of religion that have real life effects that people misinterprate as real evidence for God. I have heard many people talk about the feeling of the holy spirit inside of them and how that is tangible evidence of God but I hardly think a warm and fuzzy feeling when you read about eternal paradise and the prospect of being loved by an infinite being counts as real evidence.

  • Collect your Noble Prize if you got the evidence!

    If there is any evidence of God, not even proof, just evidence, please write an article about it, have in peer reviewed by scientists, have it published, and go collect your Nobel Prize. Scientists are not atheists by choice, they are atheists because people have failed to present the evidence. You can change their minds, but you have to have the evidence. You only need a little bit, then they will take your work and work off of it and find the answer.

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SweetTea says2014-02-21T15:06:54.727
"Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed."

- King James Bible ( John 20:29)
SweetTea says2014-02-26T20:38:03.753
Is there any factual evidence that God exists?

Is there ANY factual evidence that He doesn't exist? I'd like to see that offered up!

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