• If it to protect a child's feelings.

    Many parents tell children that there is a Santa and and Easter Bunny. This is a lie, and parents tell it all the time. The reason they do this is to protect the child from being let down or upset that they may not get presents on Christmas or Easter. They also want to keep the innocence of childhood with their children for as long as possible.

  • Yes lying can be okay

    Yes lying can be okay in some causes because you might have to lie to protect others or yourself. It can also be okay to lie if you are trying to prevent harm for example if a friend asks you if you like her dress and you say yes but you really don't that can be another reason for lying.

  • Yes it is okay to lie in some situations !

    Lying can help you get through a lot of problems .For example say someone is trying to harm someone and they ask you where they are what do you do lie or tell the truth . My opinion is for you to lie so that that person cannot get harm.

  • Lying Is Ok

    I think it is ok to tell a lie when it is told to protect ones feelings or save them from a murderer.For example,the people that let Anne Frank and her family live in their attic,had to lie to the Germans that nobody else lived in that house. Sometimes, It's even a matter of life or death.

  • To Protect Someone's Life, or Feelings

    An example could be in Liar Liar the movie, because all he does is lie to protect people, and until he can't lie, is when he starts to hurt peoples' feelings and breaks the relationship of his friends and family when it is impossible for him to lie. Another example is that if your family is hiding from a killer, what are you going to do if he knocks on your door asking for your family. Wouldn't you lie and say that their not here. In movies where someone is being tortured for information or asking where someone is, these people lie and get tortured to protect the person they are looking for.

  • Lying is our Moral Duty

    Lying is our moral duty as people. Lying is what spins the world. There is many instances where you have to lie too. Like, what if your friend asked you if he/she was ugly. What would you do? I would say no and save their feelings because I don't want to be a bad guy in my friend's eye. Remember this is just an opinion.

  • Lying is OK only if you are trying to protect someone

    I think that the only time lying is OK is if you are trying to protect someone from danger/harm. Every time you lie and someone finds out,you lose your credibility in their eyes,that is the amount of trust they have for you. So, I believe that it is only OK to lie if it is really important.

  • Lying is okay if you use it to prevent unhapiness

    If you use lies to prevent unhappiness upon a fellow peer its truly okay. Your making there day a little better than it was in most cases. But if you use lies to benefit you in your own selfish ways your just making mankind worse than it already is .

  • There are times when lying us the right thing to do.

    Most lying that people tell can usually be because of their own benefits, but there are lies used to protect others. As in Anne Frank, from the holocaust, the house she lived in lied to protect her family from the Nazis which believed that it was the right thing to do. These lies can be helped in situations of life and death or just to help someone in need.

  • It Really Depends On The Situation.

    I personally believe that lying is never ok. If you lied to hurt someones feelings then no, lying is not ok. If you are telling a small white lie than sure as long as you are protecting someone. Say your friend asks if you like her new hair do. If you say yes even though its doesn't look that great then sure that's fine, you were protecting her feelings. But, maybe later on when you get a chance say you would recommend something a little different as nicely as possible. White lies are fine, big lies are not.

  • My opinion on lying

    My opinion is that lying is never OK.If yo ever feel like something is bothering you or you don't like be truthful instead of saying a lie that you will hold forever.For example if you had to leave during dinner you don't have to lie,if you need to leave you need to leave!People tell lies to protect their relationship with other people those are the lies I agree with but not all the time.So in conclusion lying is never OK,unless if you really need to then lie if you can.

  • My opinion on lying is bad because it makes your situation worse.

    For example it was the beginning of 7th grade and I didn't know anyone,and I started to ditch school without my parents knowing.It continued for about 11 days until they called the first time I lied about coming to school but this time they mention me not coming to for about 9 days so then I had to walk through the front office so they know i came to school because I lied.

  • What does lying really help do?

    Lying in any fashion only supports that lying in another situation is just.
    "If it to protect a child's feelings." said by Lozano. Why do you need to protect if they you never made the belief on Santa in it in the first place? There would not be feelings that needed protection.

    I was/am a bad singer. I was not told this until I was in grade 10. I was shocked and hurt that I was told this. I was angry that I was told the truth. BUT. Afterwards, I was glad, glad that I now wouldn't go on embarrassing myself. Sure I still sing for fun, but at least I know I'm not good at it.

    In the end lying just gives the advantage to one person over another, telling them the truth gives perspective.

  • Lying is not OK.

    A lot of people think that lying is OK. The real question to think about is after all of my lies are over, will this turn out beneficial or detrimental. Probably detrimental. If you lied to your child, and they found out, then they are going to grow up with it being OK to lie and then it turns out detrimental.

  • Lying is not okay!

    Lots of people think that lying is alright but when you think about it if people find out there will be more consequences then what you might of only have if you had said the truth.It can be hard telling the truth, sometimes lying is okay but most of the time it isn't. When lying it can hurt you and the person you are lying too!

  • The truth (SCIENCE)

    If I say so, I say so, whatever I say, is true, so If I say something isn’t, it isn’t, Lilly agrees with me don’t you, I said she did so she does because I said so, so she said yes, lol, see I so smart, you so dumb, Why Asians so smart, becausew they not, because I sad so :PPPP WATCH ME WHIP!!! WHATCH ME BEAT U WITH A SANDLE COZ U STUPID!!! WWWWHHHHIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP THEN DAB! I win :3

  • You could lie only to protect your friends ETC.....

    You could lie to protect people by lying sometimes for example : were you the one that spit spitballs in the room . Other kid :no it was another kid in the class not my friend I sware.1st kid said no it was me who spit the spitballs. Other kid: alright it was him

  • Lying is bad, most of the time.

    We usually lie to get out f trouble and as well get other people into trouble. Lying in that manor is never okay because we should face the consequences of the truth. Sometimes it is okay to lie to protect other people's feelings, such as a husband saying his wife doesn't look fat in her dress, yet she does.

  • Lying is almost never okay except when you lie for a good cause.

    Unless you are lying for a good cause, then you usually lie to be deceptive or mean. We lie to get out of trouble, and to get others into trouble on multiple occasions. We need to be more truthful to other people because we can end up hurting their feelings.

  • It dependes on what the situation is about or dealing with

    It depends on what the situation is about or dealing with like for example lying to a person saying that you are gonna do a simple birthday party when really it could probably be a big thing as a suprise. A example that can say lying is bad is when u tell a person that they look nice when really it looks like she/he just got out of bed.So yes its sometimes ok to lie but it depends what the situation is about.

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