Is there any logical argument against homosexuality?

  • Here is a scientific reason.

    A man cannot make love with a man. A woman cannot make love with a woman.
    A man cannot reproduce with a man. A woman can't reproduce with another woman. That is complete logic and is obvious fact. This is true in an all natural state of mind, and can't really be changed.

  • Let's justify incest because love is love!

    The reason behind legalizing homosexuality is the simple fact that people believe "love is love." Take a mother and her son, for example. The mother falls in love with her son and they have a sexual and romantic relationship, will you call them out? Is it disgusting to you? Or do you have a corrupted mind set that love is still love. They're both unnatural and if you would like to justify incest, then you have one sick mindset. Won't be too long before people are protesting and trying to make incest a norm.

  • There has always been

    Many people rely on emotion for arguing their views. This debate being on of the major ones. One of the most logical arguments against homosexuality is the destruction of the family. The family, being the basic unit of society, is reared by a mother and father, lawfully wedded. By taking either a father or mother out of the equation, a child cannot receive proper development. A man has abilities that a woman does not. While a woman has abilities that a man does not. Science backs this argument up. 2 men or 2 women can't hope to replicate a marriage, consisting of a man and a women. By enabling homosexuality society loses the many things that keep it together.

  • Why its not natural

    Firstly no one can support hatred and violence towards homosexuals. It is wrong and immoral. However that does not mean one has to support their lifestyle. I dont support it because its not biologically natural. I support that which is natural.

    Obviously its not biologically natural because 1) if it was it would not be such a small percentage of the polulation. It would be a majority orientation of the polulation. 2) But that cant be because if homosexualtiy was the vast majority of the population then our sepcies would have died out long ago.

    Even those heterosexuals who support homosexuality find it repulsive themselves. But they dont want to look deeply as to why they find it so unattractive to themselves. It is because it feels unnatural, just as it does to have sex with children or their parents or brothers and sisters, not to speak of with animals (not that IM equatity it beatiality.)

    But on that point, to argue it theri right because they are just expressing their love. Well that's what pediphiles and those into incestuous relationships argue. LOve and sex are not he same thing although sex can be used to express love.

    Finally I worked in a hospital where I heard from the nurses of the many gays coming in with collaped anus! The anus is built for expelling body waits, not for sex like the genitals are. The anus muscles collaps is a result of the unnatural act of using it for sex. It is therefore not healthy and not in the interest of society to promote it. Those arelike that should be left alone and not harrassed etc but nor should their orientation be promoted, IMHO!

  • "We should not be discriminated against for our emotions"

    So you admit that homosexuality is based off of an emotional or lustful desire for another. It is not based off of love. Love is the steady wish for the loved person's ultimate good as far as it can be attained. Therefore, if emotional or lustful desire does not equate marriage, the argument in favor of gay marriage falls flat.

  • Homosexuals are sinners

    It is not natural and defies god.Although we are the most civilised race on earth we do not have the right to rule nature.Rather nature should rule us.Homosexuality distorts the real definition of marriage-homosexuality is a disease caused by imbalance in hormones.Homosexuals are evil-they are making god angry and hurt.

  • A parasitic society erodes the infrastructure of the host society.

    A homosexual society cannot exist without a heterosexual society to "give it life" and feed into it's own sustainability. A heterosexual society must remain dominant for survival of both societies. To subjugate the dominate society is to remove elements that improve the dominate society and therefore weaken it's potential. Unless we consider that homosexuals are earmarked by nature for extinction and their contribution is no longer needed. Those who do not contribute to the dominant society and support it's continuation are engaging in behavior that erodes the dominant society by weakening the sustainability of the dominant society. Ironically the parasitic society in turn weakens it's chances of survival since they are detracting from the dominate society which they themselves feed on. It's absurd logic to promote a parasitic society.

  • Yes actually there is

    Most people argue that it is against nature and the counter argument is that even animals display homosexuality.
    But animals also have intercourse outside their own species so is bestiality also acceptable?

    Scientifically speaking a male and females are required for reproduction. Two males cannot reproduce therefore they should not mate (removing aspects of love etc.).

  • Many arguments against.

    First to say that one harbors hatred because he has a view that is opposed to homosexuality is not logical.

    In my opinion it is a behavior. The very words "homesexual" and "bisexual" revolve around one thing.."SEX". The term man is descriptive if the characteristics of the males gender. Likewise "woman" refers to the attributes of the female gender. Homosexuality describes a sexual preference. There are other logical reasons as well.

  • God did not make us gay

    God created man and women for a very clear reason. He made man and women so that an individual can find romantic love in the opposite sex. God made two genders so that a man would love a women romantically and not a man. Homosexuality is a sin like murder

  • Gayness is biologically innate

    Being gay is a genetically determined trait. Neurobiologists are already beginning to identify differences between the brains of gay and straight individuals and have published these results in scientific journals. This is strong evidence. More anecdotally, gay people overwhelmingly express the belief that they have felt that they were gay from an early age.

    Being against homosexuality is like being against left-handedness. It's an opposition to a minority trait, which will always be a minority trait, which is not harmful to society, and which likely cannot be changed.

  • Start living in the era of narrow minded people

    If people say being gays sin well being a liar, rapist, murderer, greedy etc. is a sin too. Then how come these people are just put in jail but still allowed in the religious places and gays not? Thing is we are letting our thoughts led by a book. A book that was written centuries ago! Then no man used to allow females to work outside to to take a major role but now they stand on the same platform as an equal! Well if you people can change that much then why not accept homosexuality! For years the book has been telling you not to lie, love others and what not. Well people could not do that but when it comes to issues like homosexuality these people will readily come on the street to condemn them. Love is pure and comes in many forms. And if you people are so bent on denying this then I suggest that these people start living in the era from where these ideas were originated.

  • To be or not to be!

    The declaration of human rights states that all humans have a right to find love and feel safe and secure at all times. To say that Homosexuality is "Unnatural" or "Not Appropriate" is quite against what the declaration states. Love is love, in all it's forms. To be Gay or to love your own child, to be lesbian or you might even love your dog. Does it matter, do mobs come nocking down your door due to your sexuality.

    You scare me. With your insults in put downs. Some Men and Women will live there whole lives keeping their sexuality hidden out of fear of you. Some will be Killed by you, some will be tortured.

    This is against our rights as human beings. We have the right of love and to not be discriminated against for our emotions.

  • Sex+child ≠ love

    People! People will love who they love. Why is this even a debate, besides, their sex life is none of or freaking business. Love is more than sex people! And as for the people using the argument "The very words "homosexual" and "bisexual" revolve around one thing.."SEX". " Really? Those are both proper terms, and therefore, if they did revolve around sex, would be "homointercoursal" and "bi-intercoursal"The term sex in the two words refers to the sex of the person not getting your funky on, OK???

    Just wanted to put it out there..

  • No logic to be found in that argument.

    The arguments against homosexuality are "Because my religion said so," or "I think it's gross." The first one is based on a book of faith and not fact and therefore illogical. The second one is based on personal preference and also illogical -- though a bit more honest. But no, there's no logical argument against homosexuality, only emotion.

  • Saying no to Bigotry

    There is no logical argument against homosexuality only bigoted religious ideals that were out dated over a thousand years ago. One logical argument for homosexuality is that they will not reproduce and contribute to the over crowding that is already taking place through out the world. Since they can't have children of their own they can adopt and alleviate a great deal of the strain on the government to provide for children that are currently filling the foster system and provide a loving environment for the numerous foster children.

  • No, there is no reasonable opposition to homosexuality.

    Most objections to homosexuality are based in religion. Religious convictions are not based in logic, only belief. Religion cannot and should not be forced on another person. Relationships are not defined by their ability to reproduce. Many straight couples are sterile, or use birth control to prevent reproduction. This does not make their love any less significant. Additionally sexual activity is not limited to vaginal-penis sex, even for straight couples.

  • Not that I've seen

    The only arguments I've seen against homosexuality are either based in religion, claiming that the Bible tells us it is just flat-out wrong, or are based in a person's own feelings of what is "disgusting." I have never seen anyone present a well-thought, logical argument against a person having feelings for someone of the same sex.

  • No, there's no logical argument against homosexuality.

    While some people view homosexuality as being wrong on a moral basis, scientifically, there is no logical argument against it. In fact, scientific evidence suggests that the body is hard-wired to be straight or gay, and that there is little that we can do about it. Moreover, some people spend their entire lives trying to suppress their homosexual urges, only to find themselves depressed or unhappy in life.

  • No, it is hatred.

    There is no more logic against homosexuality than for any other bigotry. Hatred is hatred no matter who you are and who you choose to hate. We don't choose who we fall in love with, man or woman. We don't choose our nationality or our race, but we choose to hate people for the color of their skin or sexual orientation. There is no logical argument against homosexuality. End of story. Anyone who says otherwise is sticking their nose in other people's business.

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