Is there any logical, non-religious argument against the existence of Transgenderism?

Asked by: RedSnow
  • Of course there is.

    It's just basic knowledge and really, common sense.... If you were born a boy, you stay a boy. If you were born a girl, stay a girl. What is the point of going through so much effort if you are never going to really "change" genders? Boys, why even try to get a uterus and breasts? Girls, why try to get twigs and berries? What's the point? To be happy? No, it's just selfishness.

  • Because there is absolutely nothing that supports it.

    Sex/gender are defined by chromosomes. And since you can't change your chromosomes (XX for female or XY for male) you can't be transgender. Just because you want to be something different doesn't mean you can. Feelings have nothing to do with reality and the idea that they do is extremely damaging.

  • Yes there is

    It's called objectivism, if you were born a male you are a male, if you were born a female you are a female. Feeling ass though you are a female whilst you are a male is entirely subjective (by definition) and has no relation to reality. It's that simple .

  • Yes, absolutely there are.

    Notable feminist Germaine Greer identifies herself as an atheist, and is very much against transgenderism, because she relies on science to base her knowledge upon, not feelings.
    A person's sex is a biological trait that cannot be altered. Even of one undergoes a reassignment surgery, it is written in one's biology through their chromosomes. This is a scientific fact.
    Rather than being abusive towards dysmorphic individuals, we should sympathize with them and give them emotional support and psychological treatment.

  • Yes there is.

    I don't exactly know what it is, but there is. The question is a yes or no question, not a deep thought question. It says "Is there.. An argument" not "What is the argument." This goes to show that people are stupid, also proving that transgenderism is stupid because why do we even care? I was born a boy, and I am a boy.

  • Probably but it's none of our business.

    Transgenderism falls under the rights of someone to do what they want with their own body. Not wanting the anatomy or the circumstances you were born into isn't unreasonable. Maybe its more relatable in the case of hating your nose or growing up in a highly religious family whose values and customs you immediately shed at 18. Your anatomy can come with a great deal of baggage and the roles you are expected to play in life. There's nothing wrong with not wanting to subscribe to masculine or feminine traits and you are ultimately in control of your own body so see yourself how you want to. If you're affected by the way someone else presents themselves have a respectable conversation with them, don't tell them their identity is a sham and expect them to agree.

  • Biological fact not Psychological

    When a person is born the gender is obvious. When you see a naked human body it is obvious. Most of the time it is obvious while the person is fully clothed. They can even test a blood sample or urine sample and know the gender of a person, it is part of a person DNA.
    Yet people claim they "feel" they are the other gender and that is accepted as transgender? Since when did gender association become determined by Psychology rather than Biology ??

  • Yes. Human biology.

    If you have a penis, you are male. If you have a vagina, you are female. Honestly, it's so stupid that people ignore their body parts. Your sex is a physical thing. Stop trying to chance who you are. I am not transgender because I love who I am, and I don't care what others say. Transgenderism is a product of insecurity.

  • Abnormal situation and feeling

    Imbalance nature and confuse people, somtime a man, sometimes a woman you have been born like that and had identity trouble afterwards, because of the éducation or the climat of growth in an early age, transgenders people have had the right to marry eachother, and have asked for adopting children, how will these children be raised when they see that everybody has a dad and a mom, and they have what?

  • No, People Just Don't Like Trans People

    There is no logical explanation against the existence of transgender people. Just because you're a dog person, you cannot deny the existence of cats. You cannot attack cats for being cats.
    But Transgender people and Cisgender people are not as comparable to cats and dogs. You can't dislike someone just for their gender.

  • Self-determination needs to be respected

    Sex is biological. No one disagrees. Is gender cultural? Gender roles are. But just like we shouldn't stop or hinder someone for getting a tattoo, being a Catholic, or vegan-- we shouldn't hinder someone for their choice of identity.
    While I get frustrated at times when people demand I accommodate 50 pronouns, etc. I know that someone shouldn't tell me how to live, and I shouldn't tell someone else. I may miss a pronoun-- and I say get over it-- but I should get over if someone wants to think they are a goat, Buddhist or transgender. My life is more adversely impacted by the idiot who ruined "Avatar: the Last Airbender" than I am by some stranger wanting to use a bathroom, dress differently, or identify as a different gender.

  • There are many theories as to how gender dysmorphia occurs.

    With more and more people feeling comfortable enough to come out as transgender in recent years, it is widespread enough to confirm its existence with it being documented as far back as the 17th century. Gender dysmorphia is a widely researched topic in psychology. With its prevalence, it is impossible to claim it doesn't exist.

    First of all, a major misconception about gender is that it is your DNA. This is wrong. The XX and XY determine your biological sex. However, biological sex does have a strong influence on your gender. Gender is the social and psychological construct. It is the way you dress, how you act, your inclination towards certain activities. It is important to note that it is theorised that gender is a scale measurement; it is rare for someone to exhibit solely female characteristics or solely male characteristics. There are females that like to be mechanics and there are males that like to paint their toenails. This doesn't mean that they do not belong to the gender associated with their biological sex, however, otherwise none of us would be male or female.

    Biological sex may not be the same as gender, but it has an influence. Biological sex influences include hormones, brain structure, physical abilities etc. These biological factors affect how we perceive the world and how we interact with it. It is the reason men tend to be more aggressive and engage with activities that suit this tendency, such as playing riskier sports and dominance in occupations such as business. Women tend to be more nurturing, preferring to play with dolls as role play and taking up careers as teachers. However, hormonal imbalances or differing brain structures can influence these characteristics, making some biologically female people identify more with men and some biologically male people identifying more with women. This is what is known as gender dysmorphia, or transgenderism.

    This is only the tip of the iceberg. There's been ongoing discussion as to the influence of environment on the gender of a person and there are many genetic issues that may create a child that is genetically one sex but anatomically another sex and studies as to the gender identification of these cases (some identified with the gender assigned at their birth whilst others identified with their genetic gender throughout their lives before knowing they had a problem at puberty, suggesting that gender is not inherently genetically determined and is far more complicated than we think).

    I don't think the question that should be debated is whether transgenderism exists. It exists, for definite, hence why there is transgender people. That is like debating whether homosexuality really exists because sex is for reproduction and two people of the same sex can't reproduce, so they shouldn't feel sexual feelings for each other if sexual feelings are for sex that is for reproduction. There is gay people, it exists. The questions we should be asking is why gender dysmorphia exists and the extent to which gender dysmorphia occurs.

  • It doesn't matter

    At the end of the day it doesn't matter.One person changing their sex surly does not hurt other people or society directly so if it hurts them(which I'am not saying it does) if they are a adult they should be able to choose if they want to do it.I mean we allow people to do thing s that have a much more direct negative impact on society such as drinking and smoking.

  • I really don't think so?

    If someone thinks they want to be another gender, why can't there be? People think that "if you are a man then you are a man" and vice versa... But gender =/= sex, and they feel uncomfortable as one gender so they do things classified as for the other. Why can't you just mind your own business and let them be happy? And weirdly, people against trans seem to be the same ones that are for things being for one gender and not the other. I don't get that. I suppose you'd have an argument if you said "well since gender isn't really a thing anyway, why not just act normally and do whatever you want?" but otherwise it's just saying "You can't do that, because of what you have on the edge of your pelvis!" :/

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Vox_Veritas says2016-10-27T15:55:51.977
The REAL question is, is there anything logical about transgenderism?
FancyGiraffe14 says2016-11-13T00:45:10.637
Transgenders are nothing more than a mental illness that has become too far. It is only in our society now that such evolutionary flaws such as a "transgender" could survive. Truly, it is against evolution, and they are no more than the scum that lines a crock pot unless someone cleans it, in comparison. Finally, genitalia is given so that reproduction is possible, if not used, your gene pool dies, as does in the case of a transgender. Transgemders are no more than voluntary extinction of a gene pool, and a disgrace to the human race. Their sophomoric attempt at individualism and expression is none other than a pathetic human version of cellular necrosis. No other animal would do this not because of intelligence, but because reproduction is actually needed for continued speciation, whereas voluntarily doing gender reassignment surgery is basically lineage pool suicide.
RedSnow says2016-11-13T15:54:10.347
FancyGiraffe14 Your argument is nothing more than a massive insult that went on for too long. There is nothing logical or even vaguely true about it. I get the feeling that you tried to be logical, but you failed epically at that. Also, can you provide a source explaining how, exactly, they can be compared to scum on a crock pot? Thanks.
RedSnow says2016-11-13T15:55:41.263
Vox_Veritas Of course there is. Google it if you must or peruse some of the debates, opinions, polls, or forum posts that litter this website.