Is there any more honor in fighting for religious beliefs than in fighting for territorial supremecy?

  • Fighting is art

    Honor showed in fights are more enjoyable. In the art of war the enitre ground is the canves and the only color you can use is red. Their has many fights over religious purposes. Some people believe that fighting in what they're god tells them to do. Just look through time empires are based on war. Some history books I have read say people prayed before fighting so if the die or come out Victoris their god shows them honor and earn a right of passege into heaven. But durning world war 2 Japan's soilders believed death before dishonor so it just comes down to a point of view. But I side with honor does come from fighting

  • There is more honor in fighting for religious beliefs than in fighting for territorial supremecy.

    There is more honor in fighting for religious beliefs than in fighting for territorial supremacy. I have always felt that you must stand up for what you belief in life. I think no one forces you to fight for anything but then again there will always be challenges that you must face in life.

  • Drop The Honor

    Please do the world a favor and stop associating honor with fighting for religious beliefs. This ideal has caused many deaths in the world and they are completely unnecessary. People should be allowed religious freedom, so what you find right and just in religion will not match with all peoples beliefs. Territorial supremacy is completely different.

  • No there is not

    No there is no more honor in that because you should not be disgracing a religion and using it as an excuse to fight each other. Religion is about beliefs and harmony not fighting one another to get other people to feel and act the same way. So no there is not.

  • Honor in Neither

    There is no honor in fighting for either religious beliefs or territorial supremacy. The only fighting that should be done is for defensive purposes in case of a home invasion, burglary or robbery. Fighting over religion is pointless because there is no way to prove one point over another. Instead of fighting, why not preach tolerance? Territorial supremacy is such an outmoded and Medieval concept, everyone should get along and just live in peace. Let's concentrate on economic harmony rather than squabbles over resources.

  • No, either is wrong.

    Fighting for religious beliefs really is the same thing as fighting for territorial supremecy or any other reason. It is never about God or spirituality. What it is about is wanting to be right and wanting everyone else to act and think and believe the same as you or be extinguished and it is wrong.

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