Is there any nation on this earth that could successfully invade and conquer the United States of America?

Asked by: ararmer1919
  • It Depends on what type of invasion

    Russia can take all of the US, however it will stand upon a pile of ashes if they are indeed successful.
    In a war Russia V's America without any allies as the question asks a nation only. Russia might be able to "conquer" the US or whatever its left of it.

    What I mean is that the technological capabilities of the Russian lags moderately below that of the mighty US. However all you need is enough Ballistic Missiles and Nuclear Bombs to turn all of the US to ashes, in the insuring war, Russia might get caught so can the entire world. There are enough WMDs to destroy the world several times. If all the nukes are launches in a all out war. I'm afraid the US will not survive, neither will the enemy.

    Roaches will survive. And whatever Alien that comes afterwards is going to have to talk with the manager if he wants to take the remains of what was once called "Earth"

  • With intelligence and economics, and only then.

    We are a nation susceptible to greed and the hungers of gluttony. It wouldn't be far fetched or a surprise at all, really, if we had slowly began to trade off sections of our land in making up for the summations of debt we've racked up. I can imagine that the USA, a member of the UN and specifically dedicated to preventing war and suffering, would fold small pieces of land under the threat of disbandment or collective force from the other large players.

  • Yes, but not militarily invade, we're too strong for that

    I'm guessing that a crafty, small country might want to turn the U.S. Against one of its allies and let us battle it out, then when both us and the country we were at war with are completely wiped of the earth, that small, crafty country could conquer whatever is left of what was once called the land of the free. Maybe they invade, but not a military invasion, maybe just a spy, and plant a couple of false documents, someone to stir up the people (because a lot of people in America are total warmongers, I bet a lot of people would gladly sign us up to take down China or North Korea, even if they had no proof that China or North Korea did anything wrong) and before you know it, the people are demanding a war, the leaders of the country give them a war, and all hell breaks loose, nuclear bombs are flying Soon, only a couple small countries are functioning, and the small, crafty country that started all of this lays claim to what remains of America.

  • US could be defeated by several nations

    The US military currently dominates the world's militaries. However. The US has two inherent weaknesses. 1) The US is a republic. This nation cannot just order its troops into combat. There must be a vote. 2) Many Americans will support the other side. In short, Victory is not a sure thing.

  • Would be easy

    All the prospective country would need to do us have trained soldiers immigrate in large numbers over time. Than join military and/or work in vital sectors. The Millions of Americans with guns don't count if a large number of them are sleeper cells once the country gets invaded. As many countries require compulsory military service it could easily look as if the sleepers were regular civilian immigrants of various ages and genders, Thus raising absolutely no suspicion.

    Posted by: ANB
  • Canada could conquer america

    In the war of 1812, Canadians successfully invaded the USA, which was very, very prosperous and hotheaded at the time. Canadians successfully overpowered Americans at Detroit, Queenston heights, and Frenchtown. And it was the Native Canadians that did all the work. This set the stage for the Sack of Washington, DC which clearly showed that Canada was the greater military power!!!

  • American government is not too stable atm, and its economy depends on purchases from other nations.

    There is no single nation on Earth that could pull off an invasion of the United States, though - despite what the military guy who voted "no" said - if any superpower combined with the others they have many options to take over the US. Such as sparking a revolt, firing nuclear weapons (which Russia has the largest arsenal of, not America), causing anarchy (collapse of democratic government), or using electronical weapons (such as EMP's which collapse the national power grid).

  • Easier than the 'No's' think..

    The majority of the people who said 'No' use the argument that Americans are armed to the teeth ready to protect. You sure about that? Remember back in March, the Emory college students who were intimidated because someone wrote 'TRUMP' in chalk on the sidewalks? This current generation is not the WW2 generation in the least bit. Although its made up of some patriots, this current generation is arrogant, spoiled, and self centered. Im pretty sure if we were ever invaded, the liberals would defend the invaders by flooding the media on how we shouldn't hurt them because they too are people with feelings. You really think the current 25 year olds who spend more time grooming themselves would pick up a gun and end a life?? PLEASE! The US government has been disarming its citizens for years and its only going to get worse. In addition, this current generation follows the mantra of, "Someone else will protect me". Although many heroes join our military every day, it only makes up a fraction of the US population. Schools, colleges, universities.. Many are taking the american flag down due to conflict of interest by the liberals. When is the last time anyone reading this post ever attended a veterans day parade? When was the last time YOU ever went up to a WW2 vet, the same person who literally saved you from saluting a nazi flag, and thanked him for his service?? No. Indeed, America is no long the great nation it once was. In debt over our heads, living on a false dream that our resources will be around forever. The false idea that our technology will save us. Wake up. America is not the leader in technological advances anymore. We are trying and failing to hold onto the dreams of our parents and grandparents. America is a broken country politically, emotionally, spiritually, religiously, mentally, and sexually. We no longer stand together as one country. No one from this current generation would create Victory Gardens like they did during WW2. No one from this generation would be willing to give up their 'rights' to materials which make their everyday lives comfortable; such as bread, copper, silver, gold. The moment america gets attacked, 50% of this current generation would insist someone else protect them, 20% would agree with the invaders cause, 10% would be already drunk and useless, 15% would have no clue what to do, and 5% would join the military.

  • Yes america would be destroyed

    Because, every empire that has been on this planet has seen its downfall. Americans think that they rule this world and they are the chosen ones. All of the entire world combined could easily destroy america. Also even the citizens of america would rebel and fight them back(the americans). Americans are so ignorant to believe that there country controls the whole earth.

  • Any country with nukes can

    All they need to do is nuke the US, americans sure are delusional ''we're a da best we haz moar nukes!'' I don't care whethr you have 1 billion nukes, all it requires ia couple of nukes to destroy the country, russia alone would probably be enough to destroy and invade the US

  • American Spirit and Pride.

    Even if a country managed to conquer the U. S. The civilian population would probably just rise up against the new government. One other possible theory is that the government order the population to commit mass suicide, Thus leaving the conquer with the logistical nightmare of having to dispose of more the 300 million corpses. So, The cons of conquering the U. S. Far outweigh the pros as either A, You deal with a population that rises up and causes havoc which, Most likely, Will overthrow the new o government, Rendering the invasion pointless. Or B, You have to deal with the logistical nightmare of having to dispose of more than 300 million dead bodies due to the final orders of the previous government. It just wouldn't be worth the loss of manpower or resources to secure a population that rebels and overthrows you or having to deal with 300 million corpses.
    Another option is that of a nuclear attack, Which again would be pointless because if a nuke were launched at the states then the U. S. Would not only obliterate that country but the ensuing radiation would, Probably, Cause an extinction level event last seen during the age of the dinosaurs.
    Now, You might say, "Well, What about a hacker attack? " Well that too would be pointless as the CIA and the rest of the government have the ability to track the hacker and therefore the country of the attack. During this could result in the start of WW3, Which most likely would be a nuclear war. If things got heated between the states and the other country that is.
    So, Either way you slice it you have the end of the world or an invasion to costly and with far to many cons that it would be rendered pointless before it even began. Yes, I admit the U. S. Doesn't have the political power it used to have, Though it sill has powerful allies such as the U. K. And Canada. For the Middle East it has Isreal and for Africa Egypt. Plus it is the one of the founding members of the U. N. So attacking the States would result in the rest of the U. N. Going to war alongside to U. S. Anyways, Invading the United States of America is a bad idea in any way, Shape, And form. Plus the world's economy would crash due to the U. S. Having a monopoly on the market, Being so powerful that it has the ability to say who can and can;t be in a war.

  • GUNS and Patriotic Spirit

    Almost everyone in this country holds a gun and a invasion would lead the invading army not only fighting the US military, but almost 400 million more people. Also, we Americans will not just roll over and let another country come and conquer America, so we will fight till the bitter end to protect the country we love. Also, if another country was to take us, we would continue to fight them in a revolutionary war to take back America.

  • Against the world?

    Even if the entire world came together the only chance they have at defeating the USA would be if the USA was on the offensive. I will not include nuclear weapons or any civilians or unconventional warfare such as cyber attacks.
    The entire might of the world would not be able to come close to the shores or border of the USA. Why? Because they lack the technological capabilities as well as the resources to do so. The USA navy would obliterate the combined world navy on both the Atlantic and Pacific. In fact the USA navy has almost more military ships than the world combined as well as the most advanced. Meanwhile our air Force would have complete control over the airspace anywhere close to the USA based not only on sheer numbers but with advanced equipment and tactics as well. The only chance THE WORLD has to invade is by land which is also physically impossible as the north is protected by geography meaning terrain suitable for light forces only as well has numerous national parks protecting cities. Meanwhile the south is protected by the largest armoured ground base force in the world which is in Texas as well as a plethora of drones and missiles.

    LETS SAY THE USA HAS NO NAVY. The world still wouldn't stand a chance of even establishing a beach head in the USA as a combination of airforces missiles as well has unsuitable beaches and the logistical impossibility of transversing a supply train across the Atlantic and Pacific with the long range missile and air superiority the USA has. Not to again mention the fact that the world simply doesn't have enough resources and ships to successfully overtake and secure our coastline defenses.
    In essence if the USA were to get rid of 60% of every single piece of military equipment it owns, the combined might of the world still wouldn't be able to even remotely stage an invasion of the USA. So thank our natural defenses as well as the half a trillion dollars we spend every year for being able to repel the combined worlds forces.

  • Geography, military and people of the US.

    The US mainland has the most diverse and open geography as well as the population distribution of the United States. Taking out nukes a country would have to invade both the East and West US at the same time, that would take up too much resources for it to be successful. Second, the US military is by far and away the most powerful in the world. If a country tried to invade by air they would have to face the largest and most powerful air force and air defense. Trying to invade by Sea would also be fatal the US has the largest and most technologically advanced naval force in the world, especially with the new Gerald R. Ford super carrier and the Zumwalt-class Destroyer and various other types of stealth ships. Finally, invading by ground is impossible so Russia for example would have to come in through Alaska and Canada which would result in loses via lost equipment and casualties in combat and they have yet to meet the US mainland which would have a superior Army and Marine Corps coalition awaiting their arrival. Finally, the people the US is filled with gun owners, including military veterans, one of the most militarized police presences in the world and plentiful amount of military contractors who would be well ready and willing to defend the US. In conclusion with all of those factors it is physically impossible to invade the US and will likely end in the opposing countries downfall in the end.
    PS I did not want to include nukes because the only two countries with true nuclear power is the US and Russia but that would end in mutual destruction for both sides meaning there would be no victor.

  • Murica! Murica! Murica!

    Oh please. The only way I see this happening is if the whole world invaded the us. Even then, the us would put up one heck of a fight. Even if you “conquered” the United States, good luck controlling the patriots of america. The 2nd amendment guarantees a hellfire of skirmishes against the invader.

  • Guns, guns and more guns

    The US has enough guns to give to every man women and child in the US. 300 million proud and patriotic people facing a foreign invader. The 2nd amendment was created for this very reason. A large and trained civilian population can defeat any army in the world and then some

  • Allies and armed civilians

    Not only does the US has its coast guard ans homeland security. They also have the police in multiple districts. Though they may not have military weapons it's enough to deter a post invasion if there are a good amount of armed civilians to lend a hand. The whole US lives under the amendment to right to bare arms. The US is probably the only nation to do so. And with neighboring countries under plausible threat they may become involved. But idk.

  • Too vast , too armed.

    With 112 guns for every 100 people we are the most armed nation in the world. We are bordered to the north by one of our greatest allies Canada and bordered to the south by our much much weaker ally Mexico. Which means any country would need to come in by air or sea, already starting at a disadvantage, We have the most advanced military in the world consisting of a ridiculous amount of navy ships and jets. Not to mention our intelligence network that would allow us to see any attack months and years before it were to happen. And let's just say that someone gets lucky and manages to invade, it would be almost impossible to hold for long because of our world allies' response and the ability of our common people to rise up and defend.

  • The Second Amendment

    The second amendment guarantees that citizens have the rights to bear arms. Because of this, every U.S. citizen is a potential soldier. Even if a country could get past the Navy and attack a seaboard, or if they could get past the Air Force and invade by air, any landed soldiers would be completely obliterated by armed citizens. If you need more evidence, watch Red Dawn.

  • Too many Guns

    Is there any nation on this earth that could successfully defeat the US in a War? Yes, is there any nation whom could successfully invade and conquer the United States of America? No, our coastal defensives are too strong, not only that but we have the largest most powerful Navy in the World, along with the strongest largest Air Force in the world. Any initial invasion would have to come either through Canada or Mexico.

    The Next thing you have to keep in mind is our nuclear capabilities, which are designed to be impossible to eliminate, our payload is spread across not only the U.S but also though a number of secret nuclear subs whose location remains classified. Any nation that threatens America to the point of conquering it will have to keep in mind the worlds largest nuclear arsenal is pointed right at them.

    American intelligence, although faulty is the most wide spread in the world, we would quickly know about any invasion attempt before it took place. The massive amount of mobilization needed for such a campaign alone even without a superb intelligence program would quickly be noticed.

    A total of 270 million guns are in the United States as of now. Disregard the U.S Military for now, America has the most armed population in the world and to quote Isoroku Yamamoto any invading army would face a gun behind every blade of grass. It would be impossible to contain such a well armed population and any conquering army would face years of guerrilla warfare and insurgency.

    The U.S Army along with the National Guard is over one million personal, these are highly trained professionals who are spread across the globe as of right now, but if America itself is under threat all other assets become secondary. You'll have the entire American Military might concentrated on the defense of the homeland. You'd also see a massive raise in recruitment and thousands more would join to defend their nation. Not only is this a number game, if it was China would have us in the bag, but our soldiers are the best equipped in the world each soldier costing 17,000 dollars.

    China has the numbers but their soldiers are not as well equipped and they lack a proper Navy and Air Force, not only that but China relies on American Raw materials and buyers to support their economy, despite what many will tell you China is reliant on us. If they were to invade and a trade embargo were to be set up against them, America could survive, we have the capabilities to be self reliant, they do not. Lacking proper raw materials and people to purchase their goods their economy would quickly buckle. Russia also is a no go, as they lack a proper Navy and Air Force to take on Merican superiority, also much of their Militias and even some of their Army still use Soviet era equipment.

    So no

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