• There is evidence, just sinful mankind chooses to ignore it.

    "Although there are some people who profess to be atheists, the Bible indicates that there is no such thing. Everyone knows that God exists, even though some may verbally deny it (even to themselves). Romans 1:18-21 teaches that God has made evidence of His existence so abundantly obvious to all mankind that there is no excuse for denying Him. It’s no surprise then that there are many lines of evidence that confirm this biblical truth."

    Here is Romans 1:18-21.
    For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;
    Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath showed it unto them.
    For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:
    Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

    "...From the very time of creation, men should have seen the evidence of God’s existence and His work in the marvelous universe He had created, for 'God hath shewed it unto them' (Romans 1:19). 'The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament sheweth His handywork' (Psalm 19:1). Since these things should have been seen and understood by men from the very time of the creation of the world, it is clear that the latter did not take place billions of years before men appeared on earth, as evolutionists and progressive creationists have alleged. Men and women have been in the world ever since its very beginning, and all should have recognized the reality of God, even before God gave His written revelation. Those who apply uniformitarian reasoning and natural processes to deduce a multi-billion year age for the world are merely seeking a means to avoid the overwhelming evidence of the special creation of all things in the beginning, and are 'without excuse.'"

    There is plenty of evidence for a living God. It is all around you called nature. The very fact of its existence shows there was something more than a "big bang" at work. However, not all humanity wishes to believe, so they convince themselves that the world was made by chance, so as not to admit their error.

  • Proof is in the creation.

    Consider the age of the Bible, with both OT and NT -- it has remained ostensibly true for about 2000 years. This is actually the fulfilling of God's promise. Something that can't exist actually fulfilled a promise to not let the word diminish? Weird!

    The question of if Jesus lived has never been a question, as the reliability of the gospels is beyond question for any ancient text. John was actually a witness to the crucifixion!

    Anything else? Sure, there are books written on the topic quite extensibly.

    Let's look at some other questions then, how might science prove the Bible is false? Well, it can't. Science has an innate weakness in that it can only disprove a hypothesis. Yet, people scream, "The bible was written by humans, so it's flawed and fairy tales." Who writes science books? Oh yeah, there's the scientific method, but as we know from studying Near East history, Science won't change a well established facet of research, such as the age of the dynasties, even when we know for a fact the time line of Egypt doesn't match with that of other near east cultures. How do we know for sure the earth is 4.5 trillion years old when radio metric dating can't go back that far? Oh, the mountains, right? Hey, the Himalayan mountains, even with their current uplift, are still shrinking, and if they were 450 million years old as we're told, then they would be ground to pebbles by now. This doesn't add up, but we're not changing the theories. Why not?

    Now that's a great question to ask since science operates on the principal that patterns of the present are also accepted as the patterns of the past as well...

  • GOD IS TRUE!!! By:Carlie

    Look to your left. What do you see? I see life. Life is beautiful. Yet people can not see the evidence before them. People say we where made from a star. How can that be true? Do you look like a star? Does your Mom look like a star? Most likely no, but if you do I am sorry. Anyways back to the evidence... Have you ever heard of the bible?! It is in every hotel in America! It is a written documentary of God! Look around you moron see Him!

  • I am god's son, he is real!!!!!

    God is real, I have experience of him, he is my father trust me. I have been put in this world with a purpose and God has set me this challenge. Additionally, If cells weren't allowed in school, then students wouldn't be allowed in school since students are made of cells.

  • There are many proofs of God's existence

    From the simple argument that since anything that is real is better than that same thing imagined and God is the best thing then God must exist, or the arguments of motion, causataion, contingency, degrees and the theological argument. And then the watch maker analogy,the idea that since the world is well designed it was designed, the analogy being if you found a watch lying on the ground you'd think who made this. And not to forget that theism has good odds as proved by Pascal's wager.

  • In a basic mathematical sense, yes.

    GOD can exist real as an axiom meaning it can be describe with a form of logical reason.This however become controversial as many religions that follow a direct belief in GOD also follow that there’s a false prophet of GOD as well.

    Meaning there is a very real possibility that the mathematically real definition of GOD is indeed the one mentioned or if it is the false profit mention.

    This fact, if true does not limit other interpretation.

  • Yes there is god

    Haven't you seen the world ..People walking , plants growing , sun rise and set , the way the earth rotates and the universe these are the signs of god's existence .Every thing has its own creator a cake , a dress everything !! Everything has it's own creator !! THEN WHY CANT THIS UNIVERSE!! Open your eyes and see and believe that god exists ''seeing is believing '' is a famous proverb but its only 10% true because if you see a cake ready on the table you did not see who made it so does that mean it does not have a creator ? Did the flour go by itself to the pot by an earthquake and mistakly somebody opened the fridge and the eggs fell down into the pot then the milk then the sugar and everything fell in it got mixed up by some another
    natural disaster and got into the oven by another one disaster ?? Of course not you just did not see it . But you believe that somebody made it . Same like that everything in this universe is not my chance . Who gave you the soul to be alive who causes death to you?? God the almighty god !!

  • Yes, there is.

    The bible. That's all the evidence you need. It was written years ago by many people who knew the truth, now. If you can get thousands of people to go along with a made up story of someone all powerful and knowledgeable and have the story passed down for millions of years, then you might have a chance of coming up with evidence to prove he's 'not real'. There's multiple stories on things he has done for all of us humans and for you to doubt that is truly misfortunate. Who has the time to make up things/stories like that anyway? How else would life be made anyways? Especially if you believe in the big bang theory, then how did earth become so smooth and have water and plants if it was supposedly made up of dust particles and rocks?? The only logical answer for this all is God.

  • Listen here mister...

    Believe in the Word of God, for he is the Holy One.
    Thank you for listening to my presentation, please look at the one above to see examples of the great (John_C_1812) to see that God is real in the words of the Bible. Thank the Lord John :) :)

  • Non-classical theism, yes

    I believe there is a God, and there is evidence for God. However, I don't see God as a specific personal deity as Classical Theism defines. I think if we look at evolution, philosophy, and the fine-tuning of our universe, we can easily come to a conclusion of at least Pantheism.

  • No. There isn't.

    Come on guys. Has there been any scientists that actually found a real piece of evidence that supports the existence of God? No. There hasn't. Christians rely on a book to help guide them through life. A book. You weren't alive when the original copy of the bible was written, so how do you know any of it's true? Exactly you don't know. You just believe in God and the bible because that's what you were taught. You think all everything that happened/happens on Earth is because of God. You're wrong. Very wrong. Everything that happens is because of science. SCIENCE.

  • The Bible is not evidence

    Reminder: The bible is not evidence. Just like the concept of God, the bible was created by humans. They are simply an arrangement of fairytales that somehow revolve around a "God." The bible is as valid and realistic as the Harry Potter book series.

    Additionally, there is actual evidence to prove that God did not make the universe, and man was not made in God's image, but from evolution. Many religious people fail to recognize this out of ignorance and a lack of willingness and openness to other possibilities of how the Earth and the creatures on it were made.

    I am willing to accept the possibility of a God, but because of the lack of evidence (and the religious nutjobs which discourage me from looking deeper into religion), I remain agnostic.

  • The God thing is BS

    There have been many religions that have been proven wrong by science, Christianity is one of them.
    1. Jesus does not live in the sky because if he did we would see him

    2. The Bible was changed by a bunch of morons

    3. Not everything on Earth happens due to god

  • Believing it doesn't make it real.

    The bible is not evidence since it was created by humans. Obviously a theory like this need concrete evidence if somebody wanted to propose a truth to it. The main "argument" towards this is that "life is made by god". The main problem with this is that if you don't bring up any evidence for that claim then that claim is not real. I can say that the cookie monster made up atoms and If I don't bring up any real evidence then it's obviously fake.

  • All "evidence" of the Christian God (assuming that's what you meant) is nothing but delusions or dogma.

    The majority of arguments that religious people make can be categorized into two types:

    (A) Inherently flawed arguments attacking a strawman copy of the opposing side.
    (B) Dogma or other discussion designed to convert others to their religion without necessarily providing a logical reason to do so.

    Type A debaters may often completely misunderstand physical phenomena and observations, believing that such things provide evidence for the existence of their God when such things do not. For example, the existence of an ancient book containing tons of self-contradictions, and written by many people, is not sound evidence.

    Type B debaters often use appeals to emotion and threats that you will be sent to Hell. An example of such an argument is Pascal's Wager - "it's better to believe in God, because otherwise, you might get sent to Hell." Of course, this wager does not take other religions into account, as well as being non-sensical as the Bible is self-contradictory in numerous places.

    It's pretty interesting to see people whose stances on this topic seem to match what I expect would be the strawmen. If anyone here is Christian, and is not oblivious to the scientific method, abiogenesis, evolution, gravity, their respective theories (which explain how they occur), and even the definition of "theory", then please reply, although I'm not sure such a person exists.

    By the way, I'm sorry if this seems like a personal attack on you. I can promise you that it isn't - it's just that I can't make sense of the Christian set of beliefs.

  • There is no evidence that God exists, and there is evidence that the merciful Christian God does not exist.

    1. Scientifically, no observation has been made that lead to the certainty of the existence of any divine force. Not a single scientist is able to prove that a divine force exists, and not a single scientist can prove that no divine forces exist. People have been stating that they “feel” the existence the existence of God, but there is no way anyone can proof that it is neither the effects of illusions nor a lie.

    2. In Christian beliefs, God is a merciful and powerful person. Then why, when he sees the suffering of poor people and the evilness of people like Hitler, Stalin and Mao Zedong, does he decide he shall do nothing to change the lives of us? Hence 6 million Jews died and tens of millions lost their lives to “communists”. “God”, if exists, just sits back and watch. This is proof that any divine force that exists (and knows about humans) is not merciful and loving.

  • Stop using the Bible as proof. Science "Big Bang" is used to demonstrate that Evolution and the Big Bang happened.

    Stop using the Bible as proof, it is not good evidence for God is real. Science has proven that the Big Bang occurred and that evolution is real. Using the nature around you is not good evidence either. If you have actually seen god, that is proof; however, no one has actually seen god before.

  • The Backfire Affect

    We've advanced to the point where we have solid theories about where we came from, and why. And the only reason people are still stubborn like this, is because the rules of the religion are so embedded in their heads that it tunes out this way of logical thinking. If you found out that creationism was real, and there really was an all powerful being watching us right now, would you not want to get on his good side? I most definitely would. That's likely why the rules were originally created. They needed to find a good way to get on their gods good side, the consequence for failing is eternal hellfire. Honestly, it's clinging to that hope that keeps many in check. But it's the clinging that's slowing down our progression.

  • There is no evidence

    THERE IS NO EVIDENCE ABOUT THIS!!! It is possible, but there is not evidence about it, look at the news all of those people who die and come back to life, they say they go to heaven, but most of them are religous, and they probably did not see heaven.

  • But there isn't any real evidence of God not being real either

    "Proofs" of the existence of God are not rigorous, and if there were proofs, faith would have no value. But there is no evidence of the absence of a God either. Strictly speaking, the only rationally justifiable position is agnosticism: we do not know and we will never know if there is a God, so we should just stop talking about the issue and move on. Atheists and theists will not agree anyway, let's just accept the other's opinion (because both sides are opinions, no proof on either side).

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CosmoJarvis says2017-01-04T13:19:24.273
Reminder: The bible is not evidence. Just like the concept of God, the bible was created by humans. They are simply an arrangement of fairytales that somehow revolve around a "God." The bible is as valid and realistic as the Harry Potter book series.
pett.debater says2017-11-20T04:20:23.403
Uhhh the Bible. Ever heard of it? Maybe you should give it a read
TheLady says2018-01-12T18:31:19.443
Not in the way most people imagine, really.

Sometimes, I am left to wonder: does it really matter, at the end of the day, if god does or doesn’t exist? Human life is still as complicated and confusing as it has ever been, and god seemingly seems less and less valuable to us on a collective level. Maybe this is different on a personal perspective.

There are many things, I think, we can agree on at least. God does not always answer prayers. Evil people exist, terrible things happen, everyone has a different version of god which they think is the One True God (tm), patent pending. With scientific advancements, thinkers, and artists pushing the horizonline of our thoughts, humans are confronted with the reality of a more cosmic view versus our older, geocentric mentality. Basically, we are no longer the center of the universe.

However, for those who believe, there will always be proof, evidence, of god’s reality. The human mind is quirky like that. This rock, this tree, this child, this coincidence...Maybe it is proof, maybe it isn’t. To the other who is skeptical, it is similar, and often, the very same evidence used to prove god can also, be used to disprove its existence.

I think that ‘god’ is different to different people, and this is where the conflict comes in. Many of us demand that god be the same for everyone, everywhere, on this planet. What moves one individual’s heartto believe will seem like folly to some. And the testimony and experiences of many mystics who hover between the world of faith and non-faith are seemingly consistent in their characterization of divinity being a more personal inner truth unique to individuals as opposed to it being an impersonal, external, distant authority figure hovering over everyone.

In a way, search for the answers yourself, alone. I think a lot of the confusion and anger comes from people trying to convince others of the OTG. In my opinion, if god is real, it can do a perfectly fine job alone of providing us with evidence of its existence. Since everyone seems to have an idiosyncratic interpretation of what god might be (or not), I think it is futile hoping someone will give some hardcore proof, whatever that may be, that god is real. Getting angry with people does nothing but further the divide. Plus, I always find it interesting, how even the church ostracizes and destroys those inspired few who could, perhaps, bring us closer to understanding god. Hm.