Is there any real separation between church and state?

  • Yes, But It's Not What Was Intended

    Many people have no idea of the real history of "separation of church and state", and in fact, the original intent of the founding fathers is rather the opposite of what many people think.

    The phrase "separation of church and state" is NOT in the constitution or the bill of rights. It was taken from a letter written by Thomas Jefferson.

    Jefferson, like many founding fathers, wanted to make sure people in the new country did not face religious persecution, and could worship as they saw fit.

    The reason Jefferson suggested the separation was to keep the government out of the church, NOT the other way around. In fact, Jefferson clearly supported church involvement in the government. One interesting fact which supports this is that Jefferson and many other famous early Americans actually attended church services in the capitol building.

    Again, the original goal of "separation of church and state" was to keep the government out of the church, NOT to keep the church of the government, which was actually considered okay by the standards of the day.

  • Never Has Been

    The separation between church and state is a false hope and dream. It is utterly impossible to enforce the separation of church and state, because if it was gay marriage would already be legal religion be damned. There are many undecided choices that are just much too hard to choose because of the factors religion takes. Take abortion, for example, in the eyes of god it's wrong to kill that baby and therefore the decision to make it illegal will always be questioned. Just some food for thought.

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